You've Fallen Right Into My Delicious Trap

People are probably wondering what series is this, well this quote from Hachimitsu scans should explain the rest.

"Today we have for you the first in (hopefully) a series of releases we'll be doing in collaboration with NJMANGA of Deus Ex Scans, who usually provides us with the raws for the Waai and Oto Nyan series we've done, but who also does cleaning/redrawing with Deus."

As of today for some series within Oto Nyan and Waai Mahalo we will be collaborating with Hachimitsu scans in in effort to push forward many overlooked trap series. The collaboration literally occurred but was always in progress since I was and still am a raw provider to many waai series it was natural that I would fall into the role in terms of collaboration in which is not a bad role since me and hachimatsu have known each other for such a long time even before deus ex scans when I was still working with Wow scans as their raw provider. We at deus ex scans have always enjoyed our friendship with Hachimitsu scans, and look forward to this collaboration. Please enjoy the new series release titled Chuu x 2 Trap and make sure to leave comments. To download release either follow links to original Hachimitsu scans post which are link enabled just click name or click the download link below which is their download link yes its a very friendly link. Hachimatsu scans

Chuu x 2 Trap Chapter 1

"It's about Minori Takasaki, a lesbian who plans on having a lovely time surrounded by young girls in her new high school. However, she gets involved with a trap, Yuuki Toudou, the student council president. Think Maria Holic, but without the sadism."


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    1. I am glad you like it, feel free to check out our other trap one shots or other series, we have a few, also look forward to tonight dont know exact time but something will appear here

  2. wow,. hachimitsu scans,..
    hi, thank for u hard work,.. im fans usotsuki lily *im read and have the series in my comp
    im glad to know the both group scanlation is a close friend^^
    im not really into lily relationship,that why i'll pass with this series ^^;
    but thank u for the post

    1. Inha Yasha you will like it the trap is a vampire and the girl is a girl loving lesbian its funny, give it a try you will like it. I love it you always comment even if you don't like it, I love your positive attitude lol

    2. =_=; if u say like that, then i'll try then,..

    3. come on you got to admit it was funny

    4. lol its fun XD, just look how the vampire so easyly blackmailing the heroin *just need 4panel to make her nod ^^
      :/ but for the begining manga its to short progres
      but, ty for the recomendation :)

    5. Wait till you see chapter 2 its tonight, its a shame this manga comes out once every 3 months, and the 3rd volume is late being released by the publisher, but volume 2 should be released tonight, I did all redraws and cleans last night. Oh also we have a chapter of nyatto coming up maybe today or tomorrow as well depends how fast I typeset the final tlced script Gott is finishing now. Also script for tokage no ou is done waiting final proofing approval from vexed. And now that fanceli is back all of chapter 15 of Bokura no Kiseki I have cleaned, and redrawn as well so as soon as fanceli sends me a script I can typeset instantly lol


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