Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walkure Romanze - Shōjo Kishi Monogatari anime Trailer


Here is the trailer to the new Walkure Romanze - Shōjo Kishi Monogatari anime series

Monday, June 24, 2013

I recorded ghost talking to each in my house- its weird

I was sleeping last night and got ripped out of my bed and heard ghost talking to eachother(Plural more than one) I picked up my phone and started recording, I turned on a Em pump my friend gave me last year to grab the voice, this is a 41 second clip of the recording in recording 1 I made before my phone was thrown out of my hand, recording 2 i turned on recording again and they seem to know they are getting recorded. If any one has software to analyze and isolate the voice and figure out what they are saying please let me know. This is a recording and they are talking like crazy but I dont have audio software to analyze it. Remember this I am by myself and I am not talking I am quiet in all the recordings, the voices you hear are not mine but them.If anyone understands what is being said please let me know or can clean up the audio better, please let me know
Recording 2-this one they know im recording and talking directly

Recording 3- Sounds like they are talking to me
Recording 4 i put to video, put sound to max so you can hear, video is bad sound quality but listen to me asking questions and getting responses.

If you cant hear the video sounds for recording 4 here is the original recording of me asking questions and getting responses.  turn your volume to fullest and you will hear the dead talking back at least the ones who were in my house, they were intelligent and responding if you listen well in recording 2 and 4 you hear the female talking to the male ghost. GETT  UP   <------FOR PURE AUDIO ONLY

I got pulled out of bed and crap was being moved in my house and it was more than 1, just so you know, on recording one but phone got smacked out of my hand

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tokage no Ou. Manga Chapter 14 - The Loooooong Prologue (14)- Yes end of Prologue

Hi everyone here is a new installment of our favorite series, Tokage No Ou Chapter 14, titled of course "The Loooooong Prologue Chapter 14, and yes this is the end of prologue, we now after this chapter we begin a brand new story arc, now the story truly begins and all the players are set on the chess board. As always this story is brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Vexed Scans. Please enjoy the newest chapter.
Chapter 14

Chapter 1 to 14 Combo Pack

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Valkyrie Romanze Chapter 3 by NO.Gomesu

As everyone heard in my previous post, its been announced that this series is getting an anime (full series similar to princess lover, and we all know if its being done by the same studio it will be similar to princess lover in terms of fan service awareness lol. I am looking forward to the anime and with that I present to you a brand new chapter of Valkyrie Romanze, A.K.A Walkure Romanze, Please Enjoy.
Chapter 3

Chapters 1 to 3 (Combo Pack)

Check out the new anime website<----- this is the site for the new anime coming soon

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Walkure Romanze Gets TV Anime- ITS GETTING ANIME!!!

According to Anime News Network this story was posted on their sight (Link to original article)
-Below is a copy of thr articles posted by ANN, its all written by them and owned by them I provided link to article above.

The August issue of Enterbrain's Tech Gian magazine is announcing on Saturday that a television anime adaptation of Ricotta's adult PC game Walkure Romanze Shōjo Kishi Monogatari has been green-lit.
The visual novel centers around Takahiro Mizuno, a student training to be a begleiter (knight's assistant) at an academy where aspiring knights joust. He himself had come to this academy to train as a knight, after becoming the unrivaled junior champion in his own home country. However, an injury in a tournament's finals forced him to withdraw. Instead, he decides to be a begleiter to one of the academy's maiden knights and help her win.

 The game debuted in October 2011 with designs by Kei Komori and theme songs by Miyuki Hashimoto. It already inspired several manga series by Mitsu King in ASCII Media Works' Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh magazine, by Manoa Nagisa in ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Hime magazine, by No.Gomesu in Kill Time Communication's Comic Valkyrie website, and by Sawayoshi Azuma in Dengeki Hime. Frontier Works also released two drama CDs with Ai Shimizu as Mio Kisaki, as Eriko Nakamura as Marres Ascot, and Kei Mizusawa as Celia Cumani Aintree. A spinoff game Walkure Romanze More & More is planned for this year.
Ricotta's first title, Princess Lover!, also inspired both video anime projects and a television anime series.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

[Deus Ex Scans & Wow Scans] Sensei No Boku Ch.1-2 (Hina Hime) Re-release

We have discovered the original Sensei No Boku, the original one shot 1 and 2 of Sensei No Boku that was released during the early early years of the defunct wow scans, the files were freaking huge and dirty, not dirty but you can tell it was released when they first started the group and editors were first learning and never learned to clean dust, level properly and basically trim weight their early early years, I re-cleaned all the dust on pages through filter, Re-leveled the JPG files because they were never leveled to proper black and white sharpness, resized from 3000 file size to 1600 they were to heavy 135mb file size to a nice 28mb chapter 1 and 2 together and reformatted them to PNG they were heavier JPG and also changed the mode from RGB heavy to gray scale light. Everyone please thank phmoura and Krysztof, two loyal fans who helped find us the original first releases. Now everyone enjoy the repacked, re-cleaned, re-formated original  Sensei No Boku chapter 1 and 2 and dont forget I released Chapter 3 in previous post. I miss my friends at wow scans, when I first got into scanlating many people may not know I was their raw provider in the later early years and it was my first group I ever worked for.
Sensei No Boku Chapter 1 and 2

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sensei no Boku (Returns) by Hina Hime

Sorry for Deus Ex Scans being so quiet, we meaning me and gott have been busy as of late with our our side projects on our hentai side.  So here is my post, before Hina Hime the author of Amaharakun plus breated that fantastic series, she released a one shot titled Sensei no Boku originally released by Wow Scans many years ago, after searching for the original I was not able to find it on their old site or any online manga reader but Hina Hime in an effort to celebrate the original one shot decided to release a sequel to this series  in Oto Nyan 8, titled Sensei no Boku(Returns), I hope everyone enjoys it at least for new and old fans who remember the original release  by wow scans, this is a one shot.
One shot Sequel

News and Updates:

  • Bokura no Kiseki Chapter 23- In TLC- Waiting for fanceli to give us Chapter 24 update to move forward
  • Tokage no Ou 14, Script done, In proofing right now, waiting for revised script- yes end of prologue and now main series- yes
  • Nyatto Chapter 15- In editing
  • Amaharakun-plus Chapter 6- In editing
  • Getsurin ni Kiki saku Volume 3- In translation
  • Various Oto Nyan scripts in progress
  • Imawabi no Dakini Chapter 3 - In translation progress

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Secret Devil-chan Chapter 13- Devil-Chan Continues to run away

Hows it going boys and girls we bring you another installment of our infamous Devil as she deals with turmoil and her feelings and everything in between on her journey to self discovery and of course it being chapter 13 lucky lucky, as always this release is brought to by Deus Ex Scans and Hachimitsu scans. Everyone please enjoy.
Chapter 13- Devil-Chan Continues to run away

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.14 and Ch.15- End OF VOLUME 2- DROPPED as a series

It is with this that I am sorry to say that we are dropping this series. In the end, I'm sure this is great as a video game series but as a manga (or in this case, a manga derivative) it just fell short of our expectations. We like mangas with a discernible plot, focus, and character development... this series just feels like a filler for the actual story that doesn't seem to be coming at all (or is very slow in coming). So yes, we are done with this series, we officially DROP this series. If there are any groups out there who wish to continue, please feel free to pick this up! So with that, we now present chapter 14 and 15 of "Senran Kagura: Guren no Hebi" !-GottErstechen007
Chapter 14 and Chapter 15


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.13

Here is a new chapter of Senran Kagura- Guren No Hebi this being chapter 13, we are reaching the climax of the story and two chapters from completion of volume 2, in which Guren no Hibi, and senran main series collide, the Hanzo invasion begins. Everyone please enjoy!
Chapter 13

Chapter 8 to 13 Combo Pack

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Blue Coffin of Lapis Lazuli Chapter 3- His Promise to the Family

NEW MONTH! NEW LAPIS! That's right, we got Comic Alive and that means a new chapter of "The Blue Coffin of Lapis Lazuli" ! So without further ado, Deus Ex Scans is now proud to present chapter 3 "The Blue Coffin of Lapis Lazuli" !
Chapter 3- His Promise to the Family