Wednesday, May 23, 2012

(Potential) Unavailability

Hey all, GottErstechen007 (the translator )here, saying that starting next week, on Memorial Day (May 28th), I will be on vacation... though I say that, I might try to work in a bit of translation while I am away... I'm not even sure if there is INTERNET where I am going! Such is why I thought I'd let you guys know... I MAY BE UNAVAILABLE!

Not to worry though... I should be back in early June... HOLD OUT UNTIL THEN, PLEASE!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Comic Valkyrie Arrival date

       Hey everyone just writing an update of whats occurring on our end, first off I would like everyone to know that our translator Gott is very appreciative that everyone enjoyed chapter 1 of the series of Yankano! and that he is looking forward to chapter 2 as much as everyone else who has become a fan of the manga. So here is the new updated info, Comic valkyrie will arrive 5-31 according to my delivery confirmation, what does that mean for you, basically a new chapter of yankano! I'm hoping for a color page spread but you never know lol.
       Second important news I'm working on getting the second series based on the votes in the poll and found the perfect series, I currently working to see if our translator is willing to take on this second series because if he does I think all of you will be happy, its a series with a few chapters already out but was stopped due to lack of translator, it falls in the category of harem, ecchi, and supernatural all the top criteria. I'm currently having talks with the group who once did it and talks with tl to see if we can work together, I'm eager to order the tanks just waiting for both parties to approve. As all people know even if a series wasn't dropped by a group it always a delicate matter when picking up the series, its always good courtesy to ask the group before assuming they don't want the project anymore and that's what I'm doing right now to get our second series. above ill upload the new cover of valkyrie that is coming on 5-31-2012, I hope i gave everyone a good enough update on things, if anyone is actually reading this lol.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bring on the Fights!!!

In legends past we had very great Yankee girl delinquent mangas, such as Yankee-kun and Megane-chan, onidere, and of most recent Yandere Kanojo, but the role of the female has always been nice now watch when the chick is not nice and the school is full of Yankee girls, should be fun.  As promised today, in agreement with GOTT our main translator we are releasing the promised first chapter of Yankano! This manga premiered in the last issue of Comic Valkyrie, so what does that mean its a manga chapter every other month basically, lol. Hope everyone enjoys the premiere of Yankano!, if you like the manga and wish for us to continue the manga, feel free to leave a message of support, if you hate it than all well but thanks for reading, ENJOY! So that everyone knows the site and group was made to support the the manga, can we say that we are an official group not really, we don't know yet until we see what happens. This is support for the manga, support the manga and author as always especially support Comic Valkyrie the publisher.
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Comic Valkyrie Homepage

The creation of a new group

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People are probably wondering why was this group created, it was created for the love of manga, we wanted to have a group to do projects that other groups may or may not be doing but personally to release the stuff we like, in my next post we will soon be releasing the first translated version of a very new and Yankee manga, YANKANO! Chapter 1. On a personal note the group was created for me and my friend GOTT to have some fun but basically as a forum in an effort to not only improve our editing skills but as well to improve our language skills, in the end its more of a desire to improve one self and see how far you can take it. Plus we work fast and tend to get things done which may be good or bad we haven't decided yet.