Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sparkle!! Cross-Dressing Boys Cram School Chapter 2

The path to becoming a mangaka is harsh... and confusing... Yep, the one-shot "Sparkle!! Cross-Dressing Boys Cram School" has been serialized! We'll have more gender androgyny as well as pointers on how to dress better in drag! So without further ado, Deus Ex Scans proudly presents chapter 2 of "Sparkle!! Cross-Dressing Boys Cram School"
Chapter 2

New Raws Arrived today
New Comic alive- No New Senran Chapter very weird, but new Machine doll for FTH
New Tokage no Ou Chapter- Very sick all over he he
New waai magazine meaning new chapters of reverse,himegoto and so forth for hachimitsu scans and secret of devil chan, it is a crazy good chapter emotional



Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm So Sorry Sensei!

I (the translator for Hachimitsu Scans) made a mistake with chapters 2-6 of Sensei Anone and am providing a v2 for these chapters. Basically, when first translating the series from the tankoubon raws, no furigana was given for the names of Kakenishi's younger brothers, so I was left to guess the readings. As is already evident from our recent re-release of chapter 5 of Bokura no Hentai, sometimes I make mistakes with names. In this case, what I thought was Ryuu is actually Nagare, and what I thought was Masamichi is actually Shinri (or Shin-chan as Nagare refers to him). I am sorry for any confusion that this may have caused, and if you would like the updated files for archiving, here they are.

Sensei Anone ch. 2-6 v2: GETT

Shitsuji de Maid na Otoko no Musume Chapter 3- Excitement at the Hot spring

We all knew this day would come eventually, didn't we? HOT SPRING TRIP! That's right, the boys and... boys we all know and love are off to the hot springs this chapter! Expect affection, sadism, and a WHOLE! LOT! OF MIXED FEELINGS! So with that, Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 3 of "Shitsuji de Maid na Otoko no Musume" or as we so lovingly call it, "Action Trap" !
Chapter 3

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 5-Hifumi

Thanks for waiting, alas, we have been quite busy so pardon our tardiness on this one... I'm sure all of you will especially like this chapter! So without further ado, it is with great joy that we release chapter 5 of "Getsurin ni Kiri Saku" ! Also this is end of Volume 1.

Chapter 5- HIFUMI

Volume 1- Complete Ch. 1 to 5

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sensei Anone Chapter 7 - I'm a bad boy

We at Deus Ex Scans and Hachimitsu Scans is proud to present Sensei Anone chapter 7 titled appropriately "I'm a bad boy," and as well this is the end of volume 1, we completed the volume 1 tank, from this point forward we will be working from magazine scans.
Chapter 7- I'm a bad boy

Volume 1- Complete Ch. 1 to 7

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tokage no Ou. Manga Chapter 10- The Looooong Prologue

Its finally that time of the month in which we bring to you another chapter of Tokage No Ou, this being chapter 10 of the The Looooong Prologue, we finally reach the chapter we have all been waiting for, an actual chapter that tells us what the hell is going on. This project as always is brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Vexed Scans.
Chapter 10

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines: After the Carnival (Ato no Matsuri)The Series CH. 1

As we reach the tail end of valentines day we bring to you the series premiere of a one shot that caught the worlds eye to traps, this being Ato no Matsuri the one shot that started it all in Oto Nyan Volume 1, come volume 6 of Oto Nyan it was given a series, first came the Original one shot, than came the hentai(Which you can check on our sister site), and now we proudly present the series premiere born and adapted from the one shot. A Valentine's Day trap! And it just so happens to be an After the Carnival chapter 1 for the series start! Perfect start to the series premiere of After the Carnival, Go nuts, because Deus Ex Scans proudly presents "After the Carnival: The Series" chapter 1!
Chapter 1

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bokura No Kiseki chapter 19- Volume 6 let the war begin!!!

Here is the long awaited to some fans the long 2 weeks for the start of volume 6, I call this chapter let the war begin!! After reading this chapter what are your theories, speculations on story or character direction, and was this chapter bad ass or what. Also I don't know if its just me I felt Glen is close and my theory he thinks he is someone else just because he forgot who he was he may be closer than everyone knows and he/she may not realize he/she is Glen, I felt his presence. Everyone please enjoy and as always stop sending me death threats for new chapters, I'm serious. Please enjoy the release and be happy, so stop the crazy.
Chapter 19
(GETT-Is still down for uploads)

Sensei Anone Chapter 6-Asuka's secret

It's time for the big basketball tournament between boys schools and we finally get to know some secrets that will be revealed but what does that mean for our teacher in charge, guess you have to read the chapter to understand. This release is brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Hachimitsu scans, please enjoy.
Chapter 6- Asuka's Secret
Gett Link Coming soon (gett is acting funny)

While you wait here is something to look at

Volume 6 Updated Character Chart
While I finish editing the chapter here is the updated character chart for volume 6 for all the fans who are waiting for the chapter. So here is something to look at while I finish edits.

Glen Covered in blood
Also some JPG people will like to look at
Church bad ass

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amahara-kun Plus-Third Target - Takayuki Ch.3

And he's got his eyes on someone new... AND HE NEEDS SAVING! That's right folks, we bring you a new chapter of "Amahara-kun Plus" ! This was a good one... I for one am enjoying this series more and more! Here's hoping you feel the same way! So then, it is with great pleasure that Deus Ex Scans presents "Amahara-kun Plus" ! Fans of the series yes we do listen to you, here is your medicine dose of trap fun Amahara-kun style.
Chapter 3- Third Target Takayuki

Updates and news:
  1. I am editing Bokura No Kiseki 19 please be patient, its 70 plus pages im hoping for this weekend but you never know what will happen, i will try thats all i can do is try.
  2. Coming next Getsurin 5 meaning end of volume 1- have script need to edit
  3. Another dose of sensei anone chapter 6-In editing
  4. Chapter 3 of our fighting maid- In line to be edited
  5. BIG BIG ONE - Carnival after the series yes, chapter 1 yes it was given a series you know it as Ato no Matsuri was a one shot, and a one shot hentai, now its a series- have script need to edit
  6. I have all these scripts in editing or being edited by me at moment- this whole list is only me editing so be patient

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sensei Anone Chapter 5- Let's go on a date

Here is another installment of our newest series, sensei anone titled " Let's go on a date", this is truly an interesting chapter, its a great chapter but as well very informative if you look for the info within the lines you may discover a treasure nugget of future info yet to be shown. Maybe I read to much into a simple chapter but I feel we got stuff to look forward to, I am just like you guys I read a chapter at a time and found this chapter truly informative-no spoilers.This release is brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Hachimitsu scans, please enjoy.
Chapter 5- Let's go on a date

Best anime openings this season

Best Anime Opening this season

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sensei Anone Chapter 4-Asuka's Weakness

Now it's time for another new chapter of Sensei Anone, does everyone believe in urban legends, after this chapter urban legends are the least of your concerns lol. As always this series is brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Hachimitsu Scans please enjoy Chapter 4, titled Asuka's weakness.
Chapter 4- Asuka's Weakness
Drop BOX

Coming next: Amaharakun plus chapter 3, sensei anone chapter 5, Bokura No kiseki 19 during week for this its like 70 pages

For all those wondering about senran kagura main series, they have not been releasing new chapters since anime came out and it seems the anime is following more of the snake girls story lines than senran kagura main, has anyone noticed that, so comic alive all they have been releasing is interview and little 3 page chapter of anime highlights nothing worth translating in terms of manga.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nyatto! Chapter 11- Everyone is Hot

Thus the story continues and we get a little "hot under the collar" so to speak... This time around we bring you lovely cat girls as well as a bit more cuteness this time around! So, without further ado, Deus Ex Scans presents chapter 11 of "Nyatto!"
Chapter 11- Everyone is Hot

Coming Next- Sensei Anone chapter 4 and amaharakun plus chapter 3

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Knights, Jousting, New Series: Valkyrie Romanze Chapter 1 by NO.Gomesu

There are some new things today... I'm one year older... AND WE HAVE A NEW SERIES TO SHOW OFF! Yes, it is with my birthday that Deus Ex Scans brings you "Valkyrie Romanze" from, go figure, COMIC Valkyrie! This is based off a visual novel by the same people, Ricotta, who made "Princess Lover!" and is drawn by NO. Gomesu, the same mangaka who did that one-shot, "Boy + Girl Fusion" , we did last Halloween! Expect great art from this one! One thing we would like you all to keep in mind is that this series is in COMIC Valkyrie and that it comes out every TWO MONTHS so please know we are not lazy, it'll just take us a bit to get our hands on the next chapter... BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT! We at Deus Ex Scans proudly present to you all chapter  1 of "Valkyrie Romanze" !-GottErstechen007
Chapter 1

Coming Next: Nyatto Chapter 11

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stormy Cultural Festival- Sensei Anone Chapter 3

Here we are and we bring to you another chapter of Sensei Anone titled, Storm Cultural Festival, yes Deus Ex Scans along with Hachimitsu Scans brings to you the infamous school festival chapter, school fun, school maids and secret loves, everyone please enjoy.
Chapter 3- Stormy Cultural Festival
Coming Next Nyatto Chapter 11

Friday, February 1, 2013

Twins Game One Shot #2- It was given another one shot

I hope everyone remembers one of our first one shot's that was titled Twins Game, it was so popular in Waai Mahalo, that it was given another one shot, which we have titled One Shot #2, we not only get to know them more but we also gets hints to their love lives, you got to love it when a good one shot is given another chance to prove its worth and hopefully get a series.
Twins Game One Shot #2
For All those who are not familiar with Twins Game here is one shot # 1 That started it all, download link 
Twins Game One Shot #1:GETT