Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New YANKANO, new senran, new tokage HAS ARRIVEd, alot of new raws whoo hooo

NEW SENRAN KAGURA- yes two new chapters


NEW YANKANO CHAPTER- very hot and funny chapter


NEW TOKAGE no ou CHapter 4-interesting chapter


Senran Kagura, SPARK! CHAPTER 2- Day 2 of 7

It seems things are heating up for this tag team of novice ninga girls, they met and had a heated exchange but will this be the last of those heated exchanges. What past are they hiding, what secrets are within them, can they find a way to cooperate, I'm guessing you got to read to find out. So everyone please enjoy day 2 of spark!.
Chapter 2

Took down MF link, since people are having more issues with MF blocking downloads, but df and fs are still up

Monday, July 30, 2012

Senran Kagura, SPARK! CHAPTER 1- DAY 1 of 7


The Hanzo Academy is not just a regular school. It holds a top secret class for ninja training reserved just for the elite. Only two girls made the cut this year, Ikaruga, a quiet but gifted brunette, and Katsuragi, a passionate and skilled blonde. Their personalities could not be more polar opposite and sparks fly even on the first day of class. Ikaruga, being a little bit ahead of the curve, outscores Katsuragi on every assignment. With tensions running high, how will these two ninja students work together when the time comes? YES THIS IS THE PREQUEL BEFORE SENRAN KAGURA, LOL. THIS IS A GIFT TO ALL OUR FANS OF THE SERIES AND ALL THOSE SUPPORT OUR GROUP.
Message from Gotterstechen007:
 And wow... it feels like just yesterday that NJ tasked me with looking around for a series and stumbled upon a neglected series by the name of "Senran Kagura!" ... Now they've even made a prequel and that is what you are about to read the 1st chapter of SPARK! I am enjoying this series and hope you are as well... granted, I'm sure I speak for everybody when I say "Is there any hope for Hibari... AT ALL?!" My one hope is that she turns into "Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds" at some point... if you're not familiar, check out http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HomePage ... you'll find out about some interesting things related to fiction writing and character types! Without further ado... we bring you "Senran Kagura SPARK!"

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Check out the anime key visual, their final anime character designs.
According to anime news network, revealed that a promotional video for the anime will debut at the Media Factory booth at next month's Comic Market 82 event.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

[Deus Ex Scans & Vexed Scans] Tokage no Ou. Manga Chapter 2

Here is the next installment of the very long prologue, Tokage no Ou Chapter 2, I hope everyone likes it, as usual this is a joint between between Deus Ex Scans and Vexed Scans, we worked long and hard to get this out as fast of possible for you guys. I hope everyone enjoys this release it was fun doing it, am I the only one who loves the art style.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Status on Projects: as of 7-21-12

Tokage no ou Chapter 2: Currently cleaning and redrawing, waiting for proof read script, but working on chapter as we speak.

Asa made Jugyou chu!: Waiting for this months issues of comic alive should arrive next week

YANKANO! Will arrive on before the 30th just waiting for comic valkyrie to be release

Senrun Kagura: Waiting for this months issues of comic alive should arrive next week


People are probably wondering why no releases, its because we are waiting for magazines, that is what happens when you work quick and catch up to current JAPAN releases means that when your up to date you are waiting instead of catching up with releases. But don't worry the staff here is working on projects to release during these periods of waiting for magazine raw's to arrive.
So I know this may not make up for it but has everyone see the new trailer for the new transformers game, so epic here is trailer

Preorder Click--->Transformers game

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tekken Tag Tournament 2- I love the promo- I ordered on cosplay alone lol

I try not to promote stuff such as this but when the video is pretty bad ass you got to show it off and say damm! Thank you to gods of marketing whoever said live action cosplay and video games inter mixed in ad was the best formula, I call them god!

Senran Kagura Chapter 9- We are now current with JAPAN

We are now current with chapters and now current with monthly Japan releases, I hope you like Chapter 9, it leaves a bit to the imagination and makes you wonder what will happen next. Please enjoy! it was a lot of hard work to catch up to current in such a short time but we did it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

NEW SERIES PREMIERE: Tokage no Ou. Manga- Chapter 1

DOWNLOAD LINKS----------->
Happy Friday the 13th
We proudly present to all the fans Tokage no Ou in a joint production with vexed scans, we are releasing a brand new manga for everyone to view.  This project came about all because vexed scans our friends introduced us to this new series since vexed was a fan of the light novel it was only right for us to get the manga. After careful review done by me , GottErstechen007 and Vexed we all loved it and through heated discussion, not really heated we were all eager so we decided to do it as a joint. With GottErstechen007 acting as our main translator and Vexed as TLC/proofer/QC and me as always editing, editing, editing lol. We proudly present a very good series, with great story, fantastic art, horror, action, ecchi, super natural and as well just the whole package when you look for great series its based off the light novel of same name. Make sure and visit Vexed scans as well click here Vexed Scans

Story Intro Summary by GottErstechen007 :
Ikagawa Togake is a boy with a superpower. He has the the ability to change the color of his eyes whenever he closes and reopens the eyes. Kinda useless, right? Regardless, Ikagawa Tokage strives to strengthen his power in an effort to become the strongest and not have his power be nothing more than a parlor trick. With that desire in mind, he trains daily in an abandoned building in modern day Tokyo. But on one such day, he comes to what looks to be a scene of a crime and feels the culprit might still be nearby. Will he make it out of the abandoned building alive? Is there more to his power than meets the eye? Join us as we, Vexed-Scans and Deus-Ex Scans, present to you Tokage no Ou!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Senran Kagura Chapter 8 has arrived- one more till current with Japan

Hows everyone doing, here is a new chapter of Senran Kagura, this is chapter 8 which means in one more chapter we as a group will be up to current and present with all releases in Japan. , it's means no more weekly releases of this series instead we go to a monthly format and release chapters as they are published in the magazine since the manga and through our hard work is no longer behind in chapters. But this should be a happy moment because we caught up to Japan meaning all future releases after the next chapter will be present day and current. Well anyway, I must of bored you by now, here are your links to download the chapter with, enjoy the third part of the ongoing story arc.
Editor and Translator message: Don't worry we are a very busy group and are constantly working on projects to keep you entertained, so don't worry even if senran is up to current in one more chapter, we will still release stuff for your enjoyment during the wait in between releases. We love manga and assume fans are like us in terms of loving manga, so we are always busy.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Senran Kagura Chapter 7- The start of Volume 2

It's finally the start of the long awaited or not so long awaited volume 2, as all you remember we left off on a nice cliff hanger on chapter 6, now its the continuation of the arc, yes an actual story arc. I hope everyone enjoys the chapter, if you like the series please let us know, comments are always a good indicator that the series is strong going strong and actually has fans, feedback produces rewards for the fans in terms of continued releases lol. I'm going to try MF again to see if the download link doesn't fail again. (MEDIA FIRE LINK WENT DEAD The moment downloads occurred, back to deposit and freak again, I think senran will never get a proper MF link- they shut it down moment it goes up. here is df and fs download links.