Senran Kagura Chapter 8 has arrived- one more till current with Japan

Hows everyone doing, here is a new chapter of Senran Kagura, this is chapter 8 which means in one more chapter we as a group will be up to current and present with all releases in Japan. , it's means no more weekly releases of this series instead we go to a monthly format and release chapters as they are published in the magazine since the manga and through our hard work is no longer behind in chapters. But this should be a happy moment because we caught up to Japan meaning all future releases after the next chapter will be present day and current. Well anyway, I must of bored you by now, here are your links to download the chapter with, enjoy the third part of the ongoing story arc.
Editor and Translator message: Don't worry we are a very busy group and are constantly working on projects to keep you entertained, so don't worry even if senran is up to current in one more chapter, we will still release stuff for your enjoyment during the wait in between releases. We love manga and assume fans are like us in terms of loving manga, so we are always busy.


  1. I find it so awesome that this manga is being translated. I'm not the only one either. A lot of us Senran Kagura fans are especially those of us who have been fighting for Senran Kagura Bursts localization, over on Xseed Games forums, were extremely happy and excited to find out that a fan translation was being done. Now what's next for us is to wait for the anime to come out and be fan-subbed.

    Anyways, drop by the forums sometimes if you want, since the more support and fans of the series, the merrier. ^^

    1. Definitely both me and Gott are fans of the manga and as well the various games and upcoming animation, this scan group fully supports senran in all its forms, whats your forum address me and gott would be interested in popping by and saying hi to everyone. Im dieing to see the anime, that's why I am always posting new trailers for game and anime as they pop up, it will be a good anime I see it already lol.

    2. The thread's URL is the following:

      Hope to see you there sometimes. ^.^


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