Sunday, February 15, 2015

NEW SERIES: There's a Demon Lord in the Floor Chapter 1

First they invaded our fast food stores, our small stores and now our family restaurants?! JUST WHEN WILL IT END?! With that, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present chapter 1 of a new series we picked up by the name of "There's a Demon Lord in the Floor" !
Chapter 1

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Check out this Kick Starter comic that needs help to be made


 Hey Everyone check this out this is a new comic looking for people to sponsor it, if you check out the link you will  be amazed. But remember this comic needs your help without sponsorship it cants be made but if you feel you have a dollar or two to spare feel free to help them out im sure they will appreciate it. Sorry for short post im making this post literally from my phone here at work. Also new manga being edited for you guys and as well innazaki, getsurin and life alive, will post tommorow.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

NEWLY UPDATED Volume 1 LINK and And Same from previous post Volume 2, prologue, Chapters 1-2 Download Link for "One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan"

Sorry for being late with the download links. Here are links for volume 1 as well as a link for volume 2 chapters 1-2!

Volume 1:
(bitshare upload later. Technical difficulty)

Volume 2, Chapters Prologue, 1-2:

Thursday, February 5, 2015

One Turn Kill of the Dark Partisan Vol.2 Prologue+Chap 1-2 (2-5-2015)- YES CHAPTER 2 IS NEW AND UPDATED

Here we go boys and girls we finally have the infamous chapter 2 update which took our translator months but he got it done, so no more hate emails here is a chapter 2 update to keep you busy reading for a while, please enjoy and once again TY GOTT for update. This File Includes previous Prologue, and Chapter 1 and new updated chapter 2.
Chapter Prologue, Chap 1-2 ONGOING

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

ArkRomancer Chapter 6- Another Ark Processor

Here we go boys and girls, here is another great chapter of Ark Romancer, sorry for the delay, GOTT our translator has been slow on scripts as of lately and I'm attempting to make the last of the scripts I have last until he decides to send me more, the only script I have left is innazaki chapter 24 which is almost done being edited, waiting for fancelli bokura and waiting for GOTT  to send me getsurin, life alive 4, and ark romancer 7. But until they send me scripts please enjoy the new chapter of ark romancer and look forward to INNAZAKI 24 this week.
Chapter 6

Monday, February 2, 2015

Monty Oum From Rooster Teeth has passed away


Monty Oum the co creator of red vs blue and RWBY passed away yesterday afternoon at 4:34 PM surrounded by people who loved him very much. Ten days ago Monty suffered a severe allergic reaction during a simple medical procedure that left him in a coma. Although he fought bravely, his body was not able to recover. During his time in the hospital he was well cared for and never in pain at any time.

Monty is survived by his wife Sheena, his father Mony, his brothers Woody, Sey, Chivy and Neat, and his sisters Thea and Theary, as well as a countless number of fans and friends. We were so proud to be a part of his life and we will miss him greatly.

Your generosity during the hours after the public statement on Friday will help his family deal with the costs of his care and his passing. You made an incredible difference during a difficult time and we cannot thank you enough.

As for honoring Monty, we will do that in our own way. In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask that you simply do something creative. Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to.

Monty was 33 years old.

We love you, Monty.
The link below will transport you to rooster teeth 

Matt's Journal:
Fundraiser to assist MONTY FAMILY in EXPENSES: