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Hello! We are a humble group of scanalators that formed this group on a whim. We made this group so we could better our Japanese as well as do manga projects we, that is GottErstechen007 (myself, the translator) as well as NJMANGA (my friend, who is cleaner/redrawer on this site), wanted to do for fun!

Though NJ contributed a TREMENDOUS deal to making this site he has asked me, the translator, to write this "About Us" column... so here it goes:

My username is GottErstechen007 and I am the translator. Though I had no interest in foreign languages as a child I developed an interest in them as I grew older, especially German. I studied German for some 3 years and have become advanced in the language. In addition, I dabbled in Spanish but only because it was mandatory I take a language in middle and high school. Later on in life I developed an interest in Japan and found that I wished to live there so I took up the language and found I took to it like a fish to water. Any of you know about "anime" ? Stupid question I'm sure, but I watched A LOT of it (currently 843 series... a lot, right?). Thanks to anime, I was able to gain a great deal of knowledge about vocabulary, sentence structure, and pronunciation just from watching it. Having graduated from college, and the economy as it is, I couldn't afford to take more classes so I tried my hand at fansubbing with a group. In the end, it was too much for me and NJMANGA, typesetter for the fansub group I joined, wondered if I wanted to try my hand at manga translation. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say "It was a match made in Heaven" . I've been a manga translator for a year and a half now and, in addition to being translator here, I am also a translator for FTH-Scans. If you would like, please visit them!

My friend NJMANGA is the typesetter/cleaner/redrawer for this group and is the hardest working guy I know! Not only does he clean the pages, redraws them, and puts the text on them, he is also the RAW provider and scans THOUSANDS of pages for our baby of a group as well as other groups. Not to mention, HE HAS A JOB! A GEOGRAPHICALLY SHITTY JOB AT THAT! Every workday, he has to drive 4 hours to and 4 hours from his work! But still, he has time to do this! This is a guy I hold great respect for and I hope you will too! He's very hands on in that he does not get his RAWS from the internet but from the source! He has various subscriptions to various manga magazines in Japan and, what with the sheer VOLUME of pages he has to unbind and scan, I shudder to think of what's left of the walking space in his home! He's a great guy and a pleasure to work with! All the more as it seems we are of like minds! It is thanks to him that this site was made and I am happy that I met him!



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