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A Fighting Maid and A Licking Devil- all in one day

MY GOD! A DOUBLE-TRAP! An unexpected treat for all you "Devil-chan" lovers out there! We have a chapter 2.5 special, a mini story at the end of chapter 2 and the next release from Waai Mahalo Vol. 3, as always in joint partnership with Hachimitsu Scans. It is with this release that we felt that this IS where the name "trap" came from... as for the second one:


We at Deus Ex bring you what we've lovingly nicknamed "Action Trap" ... That's right folks... we got ourselves a new trap manga and it's a bit of a surprise to see that this series hasn't gotten the love it deserves! As most trap series go, they seem to mostly appeal to girls (and some open-minded guys, of course) but this series appeals to both genders! It is Action/ FANSERVICE FOR MEN AND WOMEN! So won't you fall for this trap, too? its called "A Fighting, Maid-like, Boy in Drag" !

And with that, Deus Ex Scans proudly presents "More! Secret Devil-chan" chapter 2.5 special as well as "A Fighting, Maid-like, Boy in Drag" !

In case we don't see you... HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!-GottErstechen007 and NJMANGA

More! The Secret Devil-Chan Chapter 2.5 SpecialGETT   DF

A Fighting, Maid-like, Boy in Drag Chapter 1:   GETT  DF                                                       
Update: We received a script for Bokura No Koseki chapter 17 from Fanceli, we are currently performing TLC and proofing on it.


Two Trap Adventures from Oto Nyan Vol. 5

YET ANOTHER TRAP! We bring you a one-shot that was apparently popular enough to warrant a second installment... unfortunately though... the first chapter is lost to an earlier volume of Oto Nyan that is beyond our reach... but regardless, one-shots are self-encapsulating... so it's like you missed nothing at all! Regardless, please enjoy as Deus Ex Scans presents "Miki After School - The Shopping Chapter" ! These one shots are self contained one shots, meaning same characters every one shot but not necessarily a continuous story line like regular manga.
Miki After School-The shopping chapter

Oh... the crazy things you'll do when you're drunk... that's right! IT'S ANOTHER TRAP ONE-SHOT! This one comes from Oto Nyan volume 5 and goes, simply, by the title "Actress" ... PLEASE ENJOY!-These one shots are self contained one shots, meaning same characters every one shot but not necessarily a continuous story line like regular manga.Previous one shot is Chapter 0 so we labeled actress and miki both as chapter 1 since both started as a one shot in older oto nyan issues.
Actress-The training camp chapter

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

UPDATES for 12/26/2012

I hope everyone had a great holiday or Christmas whatever you celebrate I am just posting this update to keep fans updated on news of our groups and so forth.

  • First piece of news Fanceli has contacted us and notified us that she is working on chapter 17 of bokura no kiseki and that we should have a script by friday, but as always even if we get script friday you got to give us the weekend to do proper tlc and edits, since chapter 17 is 60 pages and plus it cutting close to new years eve, so please bare with a minor delay.( But should be friday with script.
  • Second piece of news I have updated all the downloads on the download tab, meaning anything that has been posted such as nyatto 9, devil-chan chapter 10 and 11, More! Devil chan 2 and Bokura no kiseki 15, 15.5, 16, and full volume 4 download links have been updated and listed on download page and as well our various Joint with Hachimitsu scans trap one shots all are up to date on the download page--------->Download page click
  • All our series raws are coming in this week that means , new chapter of tokage no ou in which we joint with vexed scans with, as well as senran kagura and as well more trap one shots from waai mahalo vol. 3 including updates to all those ongoing series within and one shots and as well More!Devil chan chapter 3 all joints we do with Hachimitsu scans and for fans of prunus girl, tasogore x amnesia Maigo scans will be getting their raw scans from me as always, and Unbreakable Machine will be scanned and sent to FTH, a series that our translator Gott translates for them. I bet you didnt know we scanned so much.
  • Our next piece of news , What new tanks we will be working will arrive this week, which include Senran Kagura Snake girls Vol. 2, so senran fans lets hear the cheers I have volume and and for trap fans Deus ex scans and Hachimitsu as translator we are reviving this series Sensi Anone , to all trap fans it was a series wow scans started and never went beyond chapter 1, this week we have the tank coming in and we will be continuing the series. Yes Vol. 1 tank.
  • New years eve make sure to come to deus ex scans where we will be premiering a brand new series for all of deus ex scans fans, lets just say, supernatural, great art, battle manga, series that uses swords, creatures and so forth its our replacement series for yankano! and it already has a few volumes out, its very graphics in terms of blood and battle but great story.
  • Also end of this week Ill scan the next volume of oto nyan meaning a brand new chapter of amaharakun- plus chapter 3 and as well more oto one shots and ongoings.
  • Finally, Thank you to ROBERT S and Ville M, who donated on christmas to Deus ex scans we have used your donation to pay for this months raws, I am so happy I was able to make a pre payment of raws that will come in our January shipment, so Guess what your donations were used to pay for our next month raw shipment of manga , TY TY TY
Ok Fans this is our update after Christmas I hope I kept you informed.

Monday, December 24, 2012

More! The Secret Devil-chan Chapter 2: More! Girl's Feelings

We have finally caught up on both series of the Secret Devil-chan. We finally bring to you More! The Secret Devil-chan chapter 2, as everyone knows this is the spin off series of Devil-chan which is published in Waai Mahalo and is basically a series of individual stories apart from the main story line of the waai regular series. In association and joint partnership with Hachimitsu Scans who translates the series for both of us, Everyone please enjoy the latest installment until chapter 3 which arrives next week in vol.3 of Mahalo and if we don't post anything tomorrow everyone please know from us as Deus Ex Scans Have a Merry Christmas, but ill try to get one more thing posted, no guarantees because of family dinner but have a great holiday and In case you have not seen in the post below we posted Bokura No Kiseki chapter 16 and Nyatto! chapter 9 in previous post.
Chapter 2

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Animes Im looking forward to for winter 2013 and spring 2013

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 16- I call this Chapter the many enemies within

How is everyone doing, here we go everyone the start of Volume 5 of Bokura No Kiseki, the infamous and long awaited chapter 16, I call it the many enemies within. Question of the chapter, we left off chapter 15 with a weird message on the black board, based on this chapter who do you believe wrote the message, was it a message of wanting or a message of entrapment, also 2nd part of the question who gets the feeling based on this chapter that the priest have more secrets than they are choosing to reveal. Everyone based on the past chapters please tell me your current theories of who are enemies, who are allies, who started what and finally where the hell is Glen our hero, Just remember no spoilers just theories. As always this chapter is courtesy of Fanceli our beloved translator of the series and Gott our ever hardworking main TL acting as support, Ty as always for the chapters Fanceli and Gott.
Chapter 16

Coming Next: Motto: Devil chan chapter 2 and a trap one shot to be named

Friday, December 21, 2012

Nyatto! Chapter 9: Cherries at the Nipples

Here we go fans of Nyatto! a brand new chapter this being the infamous maid chapter but we simply call it chapter 9 titled "Cherries at the Nipples." Everyone please enjoy the new chapter of your favorite cats, and as well remember next release is Bokura No Kiseki 16 I'm still editing it of course 64 pages so it takes time so until than enjoy Nyatto! chapter 9 and if you feel like donating feel free to donate even if its only a dollar, raw's cost money and no one has given us a Christmas donation to assist in raw purchases. Everyone if Nyatto is the only series you like Have a Merry Christmas if you like our other series, than you will see Bokura no Kiseki chapter 16 later.
Chapter 9

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tokage No Ou Chapter 8- We finally see an upcoming end to prologue, Maybe

Here is a brand new chapter of Tokage No ou, we simply call it chapter 8, but in my mind I call it the light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel being a hopeful conclusion coming soon to prologue within the next few chapters. This chapter you will enjoy and as always this is a joint project with our friends at Vexed Scans , everyone please enjoy the newest chapter release.
Chapter 8

Next release Nyatto Chapter 9

Yankano! Round .05 FINAL ROUND- THE END

Yes... you see that right... this is the last chapter of "Yankano" and we at Deus Ex Scans are really sad to see it go... As far as explanations go, if you recall how the magazine that this series was published in, Comic Valkyrie, had recently gone digital we believe that it is because the author did not want to do it in that format that the series is ending so abruptly... IT DIDN'T SEEM LIKE IT WAS FOR LACK OF POPULARITY, AM I RIGHT?! So yes, we present the last chapter to you and hope you enjoyed reading it with us just as much we enjoyed working on it! For those who really liked the author's, Yanagihara Mangetsu's, work sadly there doesn't appear to be anything else done by this author... yet... but if you liked the art, then please know that the artist's name is mofuriru and has apparently been in charge of character design for other mangas as well! Anyway, thanks for reading and please expect to see a new series by us soon!
Final Round-END
Message from NJMANGA- This series meant alot to us in this group because it was the series that started it all for us, we would of never created this group without Yankano! This group originally was created to support Yankano! because no other group wanted to do the series, and ever since than we have grown through leaps and bounds taking over and doing series that no one else wanted, we have literally become the home of forgotten and unwanted series and guess what we exist because these series proved they were not forgotten and fans proved to everyone that these series were wanted and had a fan base. Thanks to Yankano! the group known as Deus Ex Scans exist today. We will miss this series.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 15.5 Side Story and Vol.4 Complete

Behold! Something "Bokura no Kiseki" related! In this case, chapter 15.5! With this ends volume 4 and we then move into  volume 5... Speaking of which, I am happy to report that Fanceli sent us chapter 16! In the end, what with the accident, having to catch up on schoolwork, and just real life issues in general... Fanceli had just lost her motivation for a spell... But now, she sounds better and willing to work on Bokura no Kiseki and we're hoping to work with her now and into the far future! We can't say for certain that it will be on a regular basis as Fanceli has college and whatnot to attend to... but please know Fanceli's still up to the task and we're just as excited to see her work as I'm sure you all are... Without further ado, chapter 15.5 side story!
Chapter 15.5 Side Story
Volume 4 (Complete) Download
P.S. Last week of December both GottErstechen007 and NJMANGA for a few days,  will be away for the holidays so, if it seems a little quiet around here, that is why... HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY! Also we will continue to release until Christmas hits so don't worry, we got alot of stuff in editing such as yankano, nyatto, devil-chan, tokage no ou, Bokura no kiseki and so forth to release so no worries.

Important Info: This chapter was done by Gotterstechen007 and translator in training yazuya as part of his translation testing. So welcome Yazuya to the Deus Ex Scans Team, Yazuya is training as TL to work on other series we have in the works since we are growing as a group and as well to be support to Gott and Fanceli when at times they need personal time off from translating. We have also recruited Two editors, who have been training for the last 2 months in our other group, as soon as they pass their probation period I'll bring the one best suited for Manga editing from other group to this group, to be support and overflow editor.- Our editors in training are Food4Thought and Nekomimi Kawai.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Secret Devil-chan Chapter 11: Devil-Chan Goes on a Retreat

How are all the Devil-Chan Fans doing we are finally up to current with Waai Regular releases of the Secret Devil-Chan, this is all thanks to the fantastic translations brought to you by our joint partner Hachimitsu Scans  and our work on the back end and turning those translations into reality through our editing efforts. Since we are now current with Japan in terms of the main series in waai regular we will now turn our attentions to Motto! Devil-chan as all you know is the Mahalo spin off of the Secret-Devil Chan series which consist of more side stories apart from the main series. Since chapter 1 has been released all that is left to release is chapter 2, which the script is done courtesy of Hachimitsu scans and ready for editing, chapter 3 will be released in Mahalo Vol. 3 on or after the 25th of December. Alright enough talking please enjoy chapter, by the way how are we doing, did we put a smile on your face.
Chapter 11
Updates on other projects:
  1. Tokage No Ou chapter 8- Will be released Monday the 17th
  2. Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 15.5(4Pages) this weekend, with Vol.4 Download pack
  3. Bokura No Kisenki Chapter 16- Fanceli sent us script, its in tlc/proofing right now
  4. Nyatto 9 is in editing
  5. Yankano is in editing- Will be released this weekend as well
  6. Motto Devil chan chapter 2- In editing, will be released after Tokage release

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last two one shots from Mahalo Vol.1 and 2

Here are the last two one-shots from the first two issues of Waai Mahalo, and they're two extra chapters from series we've done before. As before, they're in collaboration with Hachimitsu Scans. The first is Kasukabe Koukou Josou-bu, previously featured in the Josou Shounen anthologies. And the second is a bonus chapter of Onna no Ko Tokidoki Otoko no Ko. Both are pretty short (10 pg for Kasukabe, 8 pg for Tokidoki). Also, chapter 11 of Himitsu no Akuma-chan should be done soon, working on it now as I write this addition to post.
Kasukabe Koukou Josou-bu extra: Gett  DF
Onna no Ko Tokidoki Otoko no Ko extra: DF Gett  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two New One shots: Naricissuso Tomo-Chan and Onna No Ko Play

Two more one-shots from Waai Mahalo are done in our collaboration project with Hachimitsu Scans. The first is Narcissus Tomo-chan by Yoshino. Tomo Fukuya loves taking pictures of himself while cross-dressing, and he's gained some notoriety among his schoolmates because of it. He participates in his school's beauty contest during the school festival against his friend Kei Okabe.

The second is Onna no Ko Play by Notari Hinemosu, the same author as Onna no Ko Tokidoki Otoko no Ko. Junichi Sasaki joins his school's drama club upon entering high school. However, he soon finds himself dressing up as a girl for his first stage performance.

There's only a few more releases of Mahalo left until the third volume comes out and the end of the month.

Narcissus Tomo-chan one-shot: Gett DF
Onna no Ko Play oen-shot: DF Gett

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 15- Here is end of cliffhanger

We finally post Chapter 15, script courtesy of Fanceli who MIA/ but hopefully watching. Sorry for the late post a series of events occurred in the last few weeks that delayed the release of the series, no need to repeat them but last night I was over confident I can finish the 64 page chapter after a hard day of work and no sleep, I was wrong so we finished today, hope everyone enjoy this chapter. Chapter question, who gets the feeling that glen may already be back and keeping himself hidden or has he appeared, does anybody after reading this chapter feel glen will be a good guy or bad guy, remember there are clues in previous chapter in this chapter that may either show Glen as good or Bad, and why has he yet not shown himself or has he, maybe guilt for evil act or guilt for not being there or worst. After this chapter we will release in a few days chapter 15.5 bonus chapter which is a funny side story of the series, with that post I will post the entire volume 4 download pack.  As we look forward to volume 5 either fanceli will return or we translate the series at later date due to slower pace we will proudly move into that vol. 5 after 15.5 give or take tl delay.
 Chapter 15

-Update -all downloads on download page updated from all the trap one shots and trap ongoings, to secret devil-chan 10, nyatto 8, senran 14, all downloads on download page up to date.

Coming Next
YANKANO + More Joint Releases

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Secret Devil-chan- Chapter 10-Devil-chan shows Favoritism

The great revival of a not so forgotten series, its the greatest feeling when you can see a favorite series among trap fans get revived once more. We at Deus ex Scans in our great joint with Hachimitsu Scans bring to you another lively chapter of the Secret Devil-chan, this being chapter 10 where we pick up the series, "Devil-chan shows favoritism". Everyone please enjoy the return of our favorite devil.
Chapter 10

News- Bokura No kiseki chapter 15 coming up next, after bokura we will have Yankano
Update as of 12/7/2012- As everyone knows I work for a Living during the day, so I do not know what time I will post Bokura No Kiseki, but give me time before you start posting messages to where Bokura no Kiseki is, its a heavy edit, just remember chapter 15 is 64 pages of edits, so please dont send me 100 messages asking where Bokura no kiseki is , it will be posted when it done.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Release #1 There's Nothing Sweeter Than a Trap's Love!

Two more one-shots from Waai Mahalo are finished, with half the work going to Hachimitsu Scans. The first is Hatsukoi Lovers (First Love Lovers) by Ayune Araragi. Mamori Kusunoki's childhood friend Wakaba Kisaki has been dressing and acting as a girl for years, stemming from a promise to get married when they were kids.

The second is Onna no Ko Kenkyuukai (Girl Research Society) by Beru Okabayashi. Yuuma Yamabuki has just moved to a new town where he meets Laira, a cross-dressing boy who asks for Yuuma's help. Yuuma must cross-dress to follow Laira back to his all-girl school where he meets the others in the Girl Research Society.

Himitsu no Akuma-chan (which we now translate) chapter 10 should be finished by tonight, It in quality check right now

Hatsukoi Lovers one-shot: Gett DF
Onna no Ko Kenkyuukai: Gett DF

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2 New Trap stories- We make a dent in OTO NYAN

Here is a treat 2 New Oto Nyan series as we make progress in finishing the final stories in Oto Nyan volume 4 and Volume 5, these are two new releases out of the 4 remaining stories or one shots before we move on to volume 6, which not only has amahara-kun target 3 but as well various popular trap one shots that were one shots in volume 1 getting their part 2 continuation one shot debuts in volume 6, as as well a very popular one shot from volume 2 or 3 is getting its own series, you will see. So please enjoy Promise and Sparkle!! Cross-Dressing Boys Cram school, these are their chapter 1 debuts. They are very funny.

Promise Chapter 1

Sparkle!! Chapter 1

Updates on Other Series:
Tokage no ou Chapter 8- In progress of translation
Yankano- In progress of translation
Bokura no Kiseki chapter 15- We have script from fanceli-
Nyatto chapter 9- In progress of translation
Secret of devil chan Chapter 10- translation done- in editing now
Secret of devil chan Chapter 11- In translation

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hikaru to Hikari Chapter 1- Another great joint trap series

Today we have the first chapter of the last of the ongoing series in Waai Mahalo, one of our joints with Hachimitsu Scans, called Hikaru to Hikari by Getsu Takebayashi. Hikaru is coaxed into cross-dressing by his older sister, who gets him to participate in a girls-only singing contest as "Hikari". So, the rest of the first two issues of Waai Mahalo are a bunch of one-shots, with the next issue, as previously stated, coming out at the end of this month.

Hikaru to Hikari ch. 1: Gett    DF

Nyatto! Chapter 8- When the Sea Cats Came

Ooooh boy! Did this series just get hot... and I don't mean that Midsummer's Sun! Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to say this series will make an absolutely PERFECT replacement for "Asa Made Jugyou Chuu!" It took 8 chapters but we're finally heading to the beach! So without further ado, HERE'S ASA MADE- not that, NYATTO! CHAPTER 8, "When the Sea Cats Came"

Chapter 8