2 New Trap stories- We make a dent in OTO NYAN

Here is a treat 2 New Oto Nyan series as we make progress in finishing the final stories in Oto Nyan volume 4 and Volume 5, these are two new releases out of the 4 remaining stories or one shots before we move on to volume 6, which not only has amahara-kun target 3 but as well various popular trap one shots that were one shots in volume 1 getting their part 2 continuation one shot debuts in volume 6, as as well a very popular one shot from volume 2 or 3 is getting its own series, you will see. So please enjoy Promise and Sparkle!! Cross-Dressing Boys Cram school, these are their chapter 1 debuts. They are very funny.

Promise Chapter 1

Sparkle!! Chapter 1

Updates on Other Series:
Tokage no ou Chapter 8- In progress of translation
Yankano- In progress of translation
Bokura no Kiseki chapter 15- We have script from fanceli-
Nyatto chapter 9- In progress of translation
Secret of devil chan Chapter 10- translation done- in editing now
Secret of devil chan Chapter 11- In translation


  1. WOOOOOOOW! Fancelli is back? Bokura is back? Thats thats about the most amazing news, ever! Welcome back Fancelli! I missed you so much! Im about to cry now... Will we be having a glimpse in about less than a week now? ;)

    1. Umm cathy it may be a bit to early to cheer, fanceli is technically not back she is dealing with many life issues at the moment and made it a point to tell us that these issues may prevent her from doing future chapters, we are still in the process of determining if we can help fanceli in any way possible, we dont know if we will get a chapter 15.5 or 16 yet because she is not even sure if she will continue based on those real life issues I cant discuss

    2. Hopefull fanceli will comment on here or respond to our emails after the script email she sent us and tell us that she will remain with us. she is dealing with alot so we are trying to be considerate so its to early to cheer until fanceli decides if she wants to come back full time, she always welcome to keep working on the series but we have no confirmations yet if we will get a 15.5 or 16, we are attempting respect her privacy

    3. It cannot be helped i guess. Well, its already comforting enough that she has somehow finished chapter 14 and 15, we'll just mind the problem again once it gets there. The problem is every chapter ends with a cliffhanger so its logical that you may once again be flooded with thousands of emails once there has been no update for a while. The best option i guess is to continue searching for a new translator who will assist with Fancelli, that will also help to decrease her burden since she seem to be dealing with something at the moment. I hope it gets better for her. And thank you NJMANGA for all the hardworks and the rest of the team.

    4. Thank you we strive and strive, my goal for this group is to always push through series that are overlooked or abandoned, both me and gott made this group to create a place that all fans regardless of genre or preference can enjoy his or her favorite series, so if anything as you may notice we have a variety of genre, so everyone has a manga they like and unlike other group I refuse to ever drop a series or see it abandoned because once I was a fan before I became an editor, and I hate when a group drops a series or abandon a series because the start are not in the right alignment. I also thankful that this group has decicated translators who enjoy what they do that includes fanceli along with gott.I have faith that Bokura no kiseki will call fanceli back, a true fan girl never back down with something she loves.

    5. huwaaa,.... im became more respect to this group .>.<
      a lot of manga on the internet that stopped in the middle of the street and it make us frustrating
      due to the wait series was printed in my country is very small *bokura not published here
      thank u so much for have lofty goals >.<

      *I'm very happy to hear the news about fanceli ^^ and the new series 'promise' im really like it ><
      thanx for u hard work

  2. Replies
    1. Im glad you like it wait till your see our next one called actress and secret of devil chan 10, both in editing.


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