Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Raws are here, series updates 8/29/2012

Comic Alive 10 arrived
- Senran Kagura 12 - raws scanned
- Asa Made Jugyou Chu- No chapter again this month

Dengeki Maoh-
- Tokage no Ou chapter 5- scanned and guess what we have hot bikini color page action- dont know why she is half naked but she just pops up in bikini you will see

Comic Valkyrie- next month its released

Bokura no kiseki Chapter 6- Will be posted Friday

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tokage No Ou Chapter 4- Yes another Veery Long Prologue 4

Here is another chapter of the popular manga Tokage No ou, and yet again the very long prologue continues forward, this chapter we get some progress and get to know some character backgrounds, It actually a pretty good chapter, hope you enjoy and as always this is a joint brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Vexed Scans, Hope everyone enjoys.
Chapter 4

Everyone join in on the discussion, we are currently having a debate about super powers and what the main characters ability may be, theories and speculations are welcomed in the discussion, to join the discussion simply follow link-------->Forum Discussion

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Updates on the following series: Status updates 8-23-2012

  • Senran Kagura- Raws come next week for any new chapters
  • Yankano! No raws this month, yes next month- remember bi-monthly
  • Asa Made Jugyou Chu!-Raws come next week-hope there is a chapter in this issue
  • Tokage No Ou Chapter 4- Will be released Tuesday- its in editing-8-28 is release- as always thank gott and vexed for expedited script and proofing, im editing so tuesday you will see it. and raws for chapter 5 come next week.

  • Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 6- is in TLC, still needs proofing- Scheduled for release next friday being 8-31- so next week, as always thank our staff who is working hard on the release and fanceli for script, and gott for tlc, and daffy d for proofing after tlc. Why so long because we make sure that chapter meets all fans expectations, we try not to rush this just because you dont want us missing important details in TL but as well editing to make it look right is important as well. Fanceli is working hard on chapter 7 as I write this, fanceli is working really hard to push out scripts, Thank fanceli, fanceli is truly the ultimate fan club president for the series, I thought I was a fan, fanceli got me beat lol.
Hope I provided great updates to everyone

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Senran Kagura Chapter 11- more, more snake girls

Senran Kagura is back and here is part two of last month issue of comic alive, 2 chapter release, hope everyone enjoys, looks like things are getting really heated up, Do i sense upcoming battle, he he.
Chapter 11

---No media fire link just because I think Mediafire has flagged my site to prevent downloads using their links, and since so many people are having trouble its easier to not post a link, than have comments asking about media fire, this may inconvenience some downloader's, but I can't control anything when it comes to media fire flagging my blog. I am just unlucky I guess, hopefully if I get enough donations in the coming months I can hopefully change to an actual site and move from blog, if it doesnt occur, we still have the blog, lol.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 5- "Revelations " as well "Lies"

Here is another chapter of the fan favorite series of Bokura No Kiseki, this is the infamous chapter 5, I call it lies and revelations, just because that is how much impact the chapter will have in the upcoming releases, I quote are they allies or enemy, not really a quote but the chapter is so good and ask myself  based on previous chapter 4 who is this person impersonating veronica, and why do i get a feeling zeze is playing stupid, he knows more i bet you, even I don't get spoilers I am dieing to know lol. Also, I would like to welcome to our team our new proof reader  Daffyd ap Morgen, who has been working hard on all our new current releases, he is a great person and has been a big assist with all our projects across the board, I mean really good with proofing. Well, post is long enough, please enjoy the release.
Chapter 5

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Senran Kagura is Back- Time for Chapter 10

Yes Senran kagura main series is back and this is Chapter 10, this was actually a pretty good chapter just because we left  off on the last chapter 9 to wonder the significance of the scroll plus what is the relationship between these two, does one of them know more than they are telling. As a reminder this is a 2 chapter month meaning yes we are working on chapter 11 which came in the same issue. This chapter explains but well introduces far more questions than answers, he he lol.
Chapter 10

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 4- A brand new home for the series

Volume 2 Chapter 4

         We just picked up the Bokura no Kiseki as one of our new series and we start off with chapter 4, this all thanks to our new translator FANCELI who I would like to welcome to our staff and will be exclusive TL for this series. You are probably asking why chapter 4 because the first volume was already completed by bliss scans over 1 year ago and you can find the volume 1 chapters here --->Good Manga. The first tank was completed by Bliss scans. So we as a group start off with volume 2, chapter 4 as the start of our entrance into the series. But this series was also assisted and pushed forward by Gotterstechen007 who acted as proofreader/TLC and assisted our new translator in script development, so lets give big thanks to gottertechen007 for the big assistance but as well equal thanks to Fanceli for the chapter 4 script and as well the chapter 5 in editing right now. This is our first Josei/gender bender/fantasy/romance type series- big time fun ahead...... I am so proud of us we are growing and branching as a group, I love this series, I hope people love it as well.
Chapter 4
-Note from NJMANGA-I am very appreciative of the great staff we have and none of this would be possible if it wasn't for the hard work of Gotterstechen007 and our new series translator for Bokura no Kiseki- Fanceli, both these guys worked so hard to get us to the point of release. You would be shocked in the amount of effort that went into script development to capture the right personalities of the characters. Both translators are the rock stars everyone they worked hard. I may edit but translators got the harder job, lol, we have a great crew here, we are manga fans to the core, and love manga to fullest. To the Fans we will work hard to try and meet your expectations for the series, thank you for supporting us and our entrance into this series.

Monday, August 13, 2012


Origional Article Published in ANIME NEWS NETWORK here is link to all credits for article and posting of new trailer for more info follow link.
Anime news Network

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Its finally time for another chapter of the series that started our group, another chapter of Yankano! I love this series and I am so happy we finally have chapter 3, but I am wondering when will they ever give us a color or a 2 chapter release in same comic valkyrie issue, this one chapter every other month kills me in terms of all the cliff hanger endings, but I will tell you this, this is a really great chapter, I couldn't stop laughing lol.
Chapter 3

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Update on YANKANO! 8-8-2012- progress so far

Yankano! Chapter 3
Translations- DONE
Redraws- DONE
Quality CHECK- IN progress

So what does this mean to the fans of this fantastic series, its means we will be releasing the chapter in a few once our translator does final quality check and I do the final revisions after quality check, but thats means it will be posted by tonight, I know people have been eagerly waiting and I will give you your chapter tonight both me and GOTT promise. Its a chapter that is great and you will like it. Stay tuned for the chapter posting in a few hours.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Senran Kagura, SPARK! CHAPTER 7- Day 7 of 7

It's been a long journey and we are finally at the end of the forgotten prequel called spark!, Me and gott were so happy to bring this volume to the fans and as we wrap up this series, we would like to thank all the fans who not only supported the series but as well supported our group, next week we go back to regular senran kagura, Yankano, Tokage no ou releases, since this is the last chapter of spark! Oh! make sure you download the full volume to add to your collection to all Spark! fans, link will be below. From all of us from Deus Scans , Thank you. 
Chapter 7-END

Full Volume 1

Friday, August 3, 2012

Senran Kagura, SPARK! CHAPTER 6- Day 6 of 7

They say a picture is worth a thousand words I wonder what words come up with you see this high pace action scene. In the world of senran you never know until you read, welcome to chapter 6.
Chapter 6

Tokage No Ou Chapter 3- A very Long Prologue (3)

Here is another installment of this great manga we call Tokage no ou, as always this is a joint between Vexed scans and Deus Ex scans, Please enjoy.
Tokage No Ou- Chapter 3

Senran Kagura, SPARK! CHAPTER 5- Day 5 of 7

I love the end of chapter art work, its rare for people to view the art work once the chapter ends, well this should be another exciting chapter in our spark marathon. I hope everyone enjoys chapter 5.
Chapter 5

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Senran Kagura, SPARK! CHAPTER 4- Day 4 of 7

I see a familiar face and a familiar scene, why is it she is always running after her wallet, now we know she was destined to always be running after her wallet, as you can see we get a new/old character debut in Sparks! Thats her motto " Give me back my wallet!
Chapter 4

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Recruiting Translators and proof readers for specific series

For all those who know my name NJMANGA, I provide raws for various series and I happen to have raws to particular projects in which I would like to do but I don't have enough translators. Normally I would approach Gott to assist with a series but he works hard translating so I would like to recruit the following positions translators and proofreaders that would only focus on particular projects being the new ones, by recruiting another translator it will help in relieving stress on my friend and by recruiting proof readers it helps improve overall quality of all releases.

I am looking for translators for specific Gender bender and trap series- specifically to do, these are the projects im looking for translators for.

Bokura no Kiseki- I have volume 2 to 6 I would like to do- need a translator who is interested, this is a josei/romantic/historical/fantasy, i linked previous groups releases in the bottom so you can see the series, would like a translator who is familiar with this type of series and handle josei translations/ I would like to do this because it has romance/ fantasy/ action/ gender bender but not really past life reincarnation stuff, nothing gay not that matters, but for those wondering.

OTO NYAN- I have all the volumes of this trap manga magazine- that means all the one shots and ongoing series, but I need a translator for this trap magazine- I really want to do alot of the one shots and ongoing. I have all so many raws a trap translator out there would be in heaven.

- In case any one is wondering trap is boys who dress like girls type manga series, rarely is there anything sexual if anything most of the time it comedy related. Its not like yaoi or boy love stuff, you rarely see anything sexual with trap content, so any translator worried about sexual or gay stuff doesn't have to worry, most trap content on the average is light comedy/ with subtle over tones in terms of if that is a boy or girl, but I really need  translator, we can even use a different name if you want for releases if you dont want people to know your name.

----- NEED PROOF READERS- There is a shortage of qualified proof readers out there, and the lack of proof readers makes for a less than perfect releases, because I edit and gott translates but none of us are good when it comes to proof reading, we work hard on various projects are eyes are tainted and biased so we are looking for people who love manga, who like to have fun and have good eyes to notice that a statement needs correcting or we are missing a period at the end of the statement.

ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED in applying for any of the various positions please send an email to , for translators, here is a test page for you to translate- its one from a random trap series---> TL TEST IMAGE

For Proof readers: Here is a sample script from asa made jugyou chu! chapter 19.5- that one we know what were the proofing mistakes- its short and simple, for the proofing test -->Proofing script link

Senran Kagura, SPARK! CHAPTER 3- Day 3 of 7

I wonder why they are saying lets do our best, what events have occured for such a scene, look towards the new chapter 3 in our 7 days of spark event. I hope everyone enjoys the chapter.
Chapter 3