Raws are here, series updates 8/29/2012

Comic Alive 10 arrived
- Senran Kagura 12 - raws scanned
- Asa Made Jugyou Chu- No chapter again this month

Dengeki Maoh-
- Tokage no Ou chapter 5- scanned and guess what we have hot bikini color page action- dont know why she is half naked but she just pops up in bikini you will see

Comic Valkyrie- next month its released

Bokura no kiseki Chapter 6- Will be posted Friday


  1. When is it projected to arrive translated

  2. How much should I donate? I like the manga you have been coming out with...
    I already gave $20 to the donation

    1. which project do you want to know about, this friday we have another chapter of bokura no kiseki which is chapter 7 coming out, tokage no ou chapter 5 is in translation about 90 percent done in tl and so is the new chapter of senran kagura, both in translation progress, thank you for the donation I just saw it, thank you so much , it helps out alot in going towards raw purchases Ty so much once again.


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