Updates on the following series: Status updates 8-23-2012

  • Senran Kagura- Raws come next week for any new chapters
  • Yankano! No raws this month, yes next month- remember bi-monthly
  • Asa Made Jugyou Chu!-Raws come next week-hope there is a chapter in this issue
  • Tokage No Ou Chapter 4- Will be released Tuesday- its in editing-8-28 is release- as always thank gott and vexed for expedited script and proofing, im editing so tuesday you will see it. and raws for chapter 5 come next week.

  • Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 6- is in TLC, still needs proofing- Scheduled for release next friday being 8-31- so next week, as always thank our staff who is working hard on the release and fanceli for script, and gott for tlc, and daffy d for proofing after tlc. Why so long because we make sure that chapter meets all fans expectations, we try not to rush this just because you dont want us missing important details in TL but as well editing to make it look right is important as well. Fanceli is working hard on chapter 7 as I write this, fanceli is working really hard to push out scripts, Thank fanceli, fanceli is truly the ultimate fan club president for the series, I thought I was a fan, fanceli got me beat lol.
Hope I provided great updates to everyone


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