Recruiting Translators and proof readers for specific series

For all those who know my name NJMANGA, I provide raws for various series and I happen to have raws to particular projects in which I would like to do but I don't have enough translators. Normally I would approach Gott to assist with a series but he works hard translating so I would like to recruit the following positions translators and proofreaders that would only focus on particular projects being the new ones, by recruiting another translator it will help in relieving stress on my friend and by recruiting proof readers it helps improve overall quality of all releases.

I am looking for translators for specific Gender bender and trap series- specifically to do, these are the projects im looking for translators for.

Bokura no Kiseki- I have volume 2 to 6 I would like to do- need a translator who is interested, this is a josei/romantic/historical/fantasy, i linked previous groups releases in the bottom so you can see the series, would like a translator who is familiar with this type of series and handle josei translations/ I would like to do this because it has romance/ fantasy/ action/ gender bender but not really past life reincarnation stuff, nothing gay not that matters, but for those wondering.

OTO NYAN- I have all the volumes of this trap manga magazine- that means all the one shots and ongoing series, but I need a translator for this trap magazine- I really want to do alot of the one shots and ongoing. I have all so many raws a trap translator out there would be in heaven.

- In case any one is wondering trap is boys who dress like girls type manga series, rarely is there anything sexual if anything most of the time it comedy related. Its not like yaoi or boy love stuff, you rarely see anything sexual with trap content, so any translator worried about sexual or gay stuff doesn't have to worry, most trap content on the average is light comedy/ with subtle over tones in terms of if that is a boy or girl, but I really need  translator, we can even use a different name if you want for releases if you dont want people to know your name.

----- NEED PROOF READERS- There is a shortage of qualified proof readers out there, and the lack of proof readers makes for a less than perfect releases, because I edit and gott translates but none of us are good when it comes to proof reading, we work hard on various projects are eyes are tainted and biased so we are looking for people who love manga, who like to have fun and have good eyes to notice that a statement needs correcting or we are missing a period at the end of the statement.

ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED in applying for any of the various positions please send an email to , for translators, here is a test page for you to translate- its one from a random trap series---> TL TEST IMAGE

For Proof readers: Here is a sample script from asa made jugyou chu! chapter 19.5- that one we know what were the proofing mistakes- its short and simple, for the proofing test -->Proofing script link


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