Friday, June 29, 2012


       The new issue of comic alive arrived So I decided I wanted to give everyone an update on various projects. In the current issue volume 8 2012 comic alive. we have a new chapter and juicy chapter to say the least of ASA MADE JUGYOU CHU! can I say the force is strong in yuki and damm his harem is getting new members he he. Its lesson/chapter 26, everyone is probably wondering what about lesson/chapter 25, apparently either the publisher forgot to include it in issue 5 2012 or it was skipped either because of content or a chapter numbering error. What does that mean, its means no issues has lesson 25 trust me I have a subscription I buy my raws and checked every issue from issue 4 to current looking for lesson 25. So we will be releasing chapter 26 which is in the current issue and hopefully lesson 25 appears in TANK volume, since it didnt appear in magazine. SO look forward to chapter 26 of asa made jugyou chu, which I am currently editing its pretty funny even without script.

      The next update is we just got the updated chapter of senran Kagura which is chapter 9 or 10 depending on how you number the bonus chapters and it looks interesting to say the least, can I say some nice revelations are revealed. I am currently editing chapter 7 and 8 to catch up to current they are the start of volume 2, so check blog tuesday for chapter 7. YANKANO! fans I know you hate it but we won't have a new chapter of yankano! until July many of you know this already since it is released in a bi monthly magazine which is comic valkyrie, so we can say boo on bi monthly, but july is coming up and I will have a new chapter for you guys. So that everyone knows YANKANO! is a hit because of all of you fans, its being re-translated in many languages based off our scans and translations, yes spanish, russian, vietnamese, all off our scans, cleans and TL, yes you can say they are our official groups who requested to re-translate the series and we are assisting them with our files and scripts, Thank you everyone for reading this post it was long but wanted to say thank you for supporting the group and especially supporting Yankano! I am hoping for a kick ass chapter 3 of yankano! who is dieing to get a nice color 2 page spread already, the series need a nice color page already.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Finally Volume 1 Wrap up- Senran Kagura Chapter 6 and 6.5

We are finally completed Volume 1 this would not of been possible without all the hard work of our TL Gotterstechen007, as always Thank you Gott, with today's special release of Chapter 6 and 6.5, this will finish off volume 1. Along with the usual download links you will also receive a link for the full volume 1 with chapter 1 to 6.5 all in one nice package for those who collect the series.
Chapter 6
         DF  FS 

Chapter 6.5
            DF  FS     




Saturday, June 23, 2012

Senran Kagura Burst Game Opening streamed, vid from famitsu, press release of ann


Everyone check out the new game opening that was recently streamed by famitsu and announced through press release by ann- both links to their sites provided just wanted to post this, i personally liked the opening, reminds me of princess lover that anime that was all fan service but fun to watch
Famitsu who origionally announced opening------Click link
Anime news network Who released press release---Click link

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Senran Kagura Chapter 5- Its finally time for some beach fun

Every time I edit a chapter I always ask myself, when will this manga get an actual story arc but than again I ask myself why do you care when this manga is here to support the game, but interesting side note, while these early chapters look like stand alone stories, but with the upcoming anime announced, all of you will be happy we start getting actual story arc which I was shocked to see, no longer random stand alone stories which assume you played the game, but actual story arc, guess you will see when I release them and yes we still get the famous fan service lol. For this week I will give you a media fire link in hopes this will allow you to have a better download experience. Please enjoy, New download links are up since MF has blocked the link, so back to old stand Deposit and freak, since MF is blocking.
MF DL - (REMOVED Because Media Fire has BLOCKED IT)
DF DL <- USE DEPOSIT FILE LINK- Active Download link
Freakshare <- Use Freakshare- Active Downloadlink

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Help me find better file sharing options

Since the crack down on megaupload file sharing had either been prohibited on many of the popular file sharing systems or not accessible in USA or limited. So as of recently I have been using deposit files and freak share, which is good if your downloading one chapter at a time but when it comes to multiple options they are really not feasible due to the infamous time out feature. So what options are left, everyone says media fire but they are  cracking down as well, the moment your account is flagged your account goes bye bye. I actually pay monthly for my media fire account for my business and personal use, so using that account is not really an option, if it got flagged I would be screwed. So everyone who is reading this help me, help you guys are what file sharing sites are still active and allow file sharing and as well who does not time you out. Please leave comments and let me know which is your preferred file sharing site you rather have, other than media fire, I like that account and don't want to lose it because it gets flagged, so help me, What is your preferred file sharing option,
Currently using Deposit file and freakshare, are there any other options out there that don't force me to pay for services, we are trying to keep cost down, example being use of blog and not an actual web site with beautiful DDL options on site. Already spend my own money for raws and raws are not cheap, so everyone what is your preferred file sharing- dont say media fire.

UPDATE 6-18-2012: i'll start using a media fire account other than the one I have and I see how that works, if they shut down the media fire account than we go back to deposit.


Update 6-19-2012- We used media fire for the current chapter 5 release of senran kagura and guess what happened, media fire blocked it and listed it as a violation of terms and conditions, I didnt think they would move so quick to kill link, I thought we would have a week for the link to remain active, but it got killed even before hitting 13 downloads, any suggestions, I even renamed the file so it wouldn't be caught in the key word flagging but it got killed 13 downloads in.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Senran Kagura Chapter 4- Enjoy the release

Here is chapter 4, not much to say about the chapter, if anything we learn more about a character and her situation in terms of family, be on the look out for chapter 5 when we hit the beach and finally get a face full of fan service, oh did you guys hear, Senran Kagura is getting an anime, who doesn't love that.

Make sure to support the manga, anime, and game- when or if you have money make sure to purchase a game or manga to support the author and publisher of manga and or game. I think the game looks hot reminds me of naruto generations, at least the graphic engine. Hope game gets US license one day, hopefully after anime it comes to US.
Amazon Japan (To bad game cant be shipped outside of japan)<---
Amazon USA( Here are some importers who have the games) 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Triple Threat Release- Our New Series Senran Kagura

                                Chapter 1:               Chapter 2:                   Chapter 3:
                                DF FS                      DF FS                              DF FS                                                                                                                                                                                              
(If you like our version of Senran Kagura-please leave feedback in comments)
Senran Kagura

Our Brand new Series:

     This is a series we felt as a group needed the love and attention it deserves, a few months back another group released the first two chapters and than stopped releasing any further updates, about 128 give or take since last release. So we decided that we will as a group adopt this series and make it our own. So instead of piggy backing our release on top of the first two releases the other group did, we decided to start from scratch. Yes, that means we translated our version of chapter 1, 2 and as well the new chapter 3 and used our raw's to make our release more uniform. That means the Tl and raw's you see on chapter 1 are our tl and raw's you will see in chapter 3, all same group, same raw's, same tl and same editing. As a bonus we have up to current translated, yes we have up to chapter 9 translated and I'm currently working on chapter 4 to catch us up to present. Hope you enjoy our triple threat release and look forward to chapter 4 within a few days and maybe 5 as well im actually making quick progress.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Yankano! Chapter 2
 This is a pretty decent chapter for a chapter 2, not only do we get to see possible paths the story is about to take but as well we get early intro's to new characters and so forth. Hope everyone enjoys the new chapter of Yankano! I get a feeling chapter 3 will be interesting and maybe some color lol.
Deposit File
Freak share

Update: 6-09- 2012
Based on ongoing poll it seems that the doll being altered is ahead in votes, I as to believe its the doll, but something makes me think, the issue will focus on doll but it wouldn't be the issue at hand at that moment, remember when she looked at the doll she was also looking at MC and white cyclone, what do you think that was about, it can't be feelings or is it, hatred is a feeling too lol but than again she has yet to show any feelings towards white cyclone, must be the over confidence thing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Asa Made Jugyou OVA Special Chapter 24.9


     Its a special chapter talking about the anime process but its has all the familiar character's we are use to. Apparently this special chapter was made by the author when they were first in the production process of making the anime, at that time volume 2 had yet to be released. So you will see some past referencing as if it was occurring at a later time. Surprisingly, it was the chapter released in this months comic alive, so its not like a old chapter from an old issue, its the special chapter that was made but never released until now. So since it technically not a chapter of the main story line that is why I labeled 24.9 as to not mess up chapters and still keep them in order.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Status on YANKANO! CHapter 2 and Asa Made Jugyou Chu 24.9

Translation: 100 percent done
Cleaning: 100 percent done
Redraws: 80 percent done
Typesetting: 40 Percent done

Update 6-3-2012: The current chapter of Asa Made Jugyou Chu, is in process tonight as well, its a very special chapter so I labeled it chapter 24.9 because its not a real chapter but a special OAV chapter announcing the anime and showing all the usual characters in bobble head being interviewed for the new anime. It is a short chapter but I thought it was cute because it was a change up from the usual, its being edited as well, at this moment. <- this will probably be released before Yankano! because its short and easy to push out quick.