Triple Threat Release- Our New Series Senran Kagura

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Senran Kagura

Our Brand new Series:

     This is a series we felt as a group needed the love and attention it deserves, a few months back another group released the first two chapters and than stopped releasing any further updates, about 128 give or take since last release. So we decided that we will as a group adopt this series and make it our own. So instead of piggy backing our release on top of the first two releases the other group did, we decided to start from scratch. Yes, that means we translated our version of chapter 1, 2 and as well the new chapter 3 and used our raw's to make our release more uniform. That means the Tl and raw's you see on chapter 1 are our tl and raw's you will see in chapter 3, all same group, same raw's, same tl and same editing. As a bonus we have up to current translated, yes we have up to chapter 9 translated and I'm currently working on chapter 4 to catch us up to present. Hope you enjoy our triple threat release and look forward to chapter 4 within a few days and maybe 5 as well im actually making quick progress.


  1. Been waiting for announce of the next project, let's see how interesting this one is! thanks!

    1. Its an interesting series especially as you start hitting chapter 4 and up and even 3. The main selling point of this series that caught my attention but especially the attention of our translator Gott was the artwork and overall fun fan service. Since me and Gott do scanlating for fun we try not to take ourselves too serious and or live by group codes or whatever, we do the series we like and what we like and release it when its ready. And I think whatever fans we have seem to be understand of that fact, haven't really heard complaints of our choices so far. You know what I see when I look at senran is the art style is similar to yanakano with a mix of asa made jugyou chu. lol.

  2. thank's for picking this serie

    1. I'm happy some people are happy about our choice of series, I'm still gauging the responses if people like our version of chapter 1 and 2 and new chapter 3, I would love it if people like our choice in series, since I'm am working on chapters 4 and 5 of this series as I write this. Our goal is to catch up to current japan releases asap so I have been getting very little sleep to catch us up to current, I can only hope people enjoy the releases


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