Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Maid-Like, Butler Boy in Drag CH. 5-Founding! Boys in Drag Land

Here we go everyone a brand new chapter of our maid like butler in drag, this chapter they finally go on vacation, what will occur. Everyone please enjoy.
Chapter 5-Founding! Boys in Drag Land

-NYATTO Chapter 16 NEXT,
 than BOKURA NO KISEKI chapter 24

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Blue Coffin of Lapis Lazuli Chapter 5- Fenrir's Assault

THAT'S RIGHT! A NEW CHAPTER! What could possibly be better than last chapter's touching scene between our hero Touya and Lapis? FIGHTS! We get a good look at the new character and we get a nice surprise at the end! So please enjoy as Deus Ex Scans proudly presents chapter 5 of "The Blue Coffin of Lapis Lazuli" !

Chapter 5-  Fenrir's Assault
The Blue Coffin of Lapis Lazuli Chapters 1-5(Combo Pack)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Walkure Romanze's 2nd anime trailer

We are currrently working on chapter 4 of the manga while you wait here is the brand new 2nd anime trailer for walkure Romanze.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tokage no Ou. Manga Chapter 15- Climax - Tokage no Ou-sama (End OF Series Season 1)

Here we go boys and girls, this is the final chapter of Tokage no ou chapter 15, its finally the end of the long prologue titled Climax-Tokage No Ou-Sama. We called this end of series season 1 because this is the beginning of the series and both me and vexed have a gut feeling that this series will be coming out in season installment like some other series or at least we hope. As for now the series has ended, but for the future we may see a season two from the author. So please enjoy the final chapter of tokage no ou, and look forward to a possible season two down the road from the author. As always this series was brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Vexed Scans, Please Enjoy the finale, and I hope we get to do another kick ass joint with vexed again.

Chapter 15-Climax - Tokage no Ou-sama(End)

Tokage No Ou Vol. 1-3 (Chapter 1 to 15-end)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

(New Series) Amairo Islenauts Chapter 1- Just premiered in Comic Alive

Hey all! We found this new series that just premiered in comic alive magazine and we just couldn't help but snatch it for ourselves! It's slice of life with hints of the fantastic and I think it will be a nice, fairly mellow addition to the other pieces we do here... So without further ado, we had cats(Nyatto), than dogs(Getsurin) and now fantasy mystical harem, Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 1 of "Amairo Islenauts" !(Apparently this new Harem series is based off an H-Erog, yeap a hentai harem game based series)
Chapter 1