Tokage no Ou. Manga Chapter 15- Climax - Tokage no Ou-sama (End OF Series Season 1)

Here we go boys and girls, this is the final chapter of Tokage no ou chapter 15, its finally the end of the long prologue titled Climax-Tokage No Ou-Sama. We called this end of series season 1 because this is the beginning of the series and both me and vexed have a gut feeling that this series will be coming out in season installment like some other series or at least we hope. As for now the series has ended, but for the future we may see a season two from the author. So please enjoy the final chapter of tokage no ou, and look forward to a possible season two down the road from the author. As always this series was brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Vexed Scans, Please Enjoy the finale, and I hope we get to do another kick ass joint with vexed again.

Chapter 15-Climax - Tokage no Ou-sama(End)

Tokage No Ou Vol. 1-3 (Chapter 1 to 15-end)


  1. thnx for the release, such a waste,i'm starting to think that this manga was only a promotion for the novel '-'

    1. I felt the same way but im hoping for a season 2 as well

  2. Man...needed season 2...if not..what a let down X(

  3. thanks for the releases.
    but, ah.... i like this manga so when i see *(end)* mark in mangaupdates my mind scream "F*CK!", sorry for that word.
    anyway, hoping for continuation...

  4. Thank you for the new chapters.

    I hope there will be a season 2 since the story just start to get more exciting.


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