Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Looking for an artist or graphic designer

Hi everyone I am looking to hire a artist or sketch artist, its a paid position in which I am looking for an artist to design character art, for book cover and promotional posters and illustration. Your probably thinking what for the website, no its not for the website,  I need to hire an individual who possess the ability to draw and sketch illustrations and if we have fans among us who have the ability I prefer to offer this opportunity to one of you. As you heard it I will pay for designs and so forth for the individual who is hired. To apply email me at

Requirments for the position:
The ability to develop concept art, sketches, character design and so forth with a frame of reference
Must have a portfolio to present as a resume, so I would require proof of your ability
Must pass conceptualization test.

When sending your portfolio I want to see you ability in terms of ranges you can capture in terms of your art style. It is a paid position but I will not discuss salary details online only to the person or person who are given the position.  Must be good with photoshop or some digital art software such as manga studio, sketchbook pro or so forth. This position is heavy on conceptualization I need an artist who has the ability to create from nothing something that matches whats needed.

- Person who is hired will be paid as a freelance artist, and all art designed for the position will become property of mine but can be used for your portfolio. Since its a paid position your paid per artwork consigned and that I decide to purchase. Serious inquiries only please. Also I will only be looking on site for next 5 days, after that I will take down post and look else where.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 21-The Nested Priestess

Maki's body has been taken over... All seems lost... But Sakuya is intent on getting Maki back! Please as enjoy as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 21 of "Getsurin ni Kiri Saku" !
Chapter 21

How to Auto Batch Clean Large Batch of scanned images- HERE IS ANOTHER HOW TO VIDEO BY ME
I made this video to show new editors how to Auto Batch clean pages, to many new editors make the common mistake of editing and cleaning one page at a time taking them 2 weeks to clean a chapter that should take two hours, I created this video to show you how to edit and clean pages with a simple auto batching method, I talk this time in the video so I am giving a how to autobatch tutorial everyone please enjoy the video and learn how to auto batch clean large batches of images in 10 minutes instead of 8 hours. Please enjoy video  just click image and you will be taken to you tube to watch video.

Or click here ----->Autobatch cleaning
Here is Part 2 of video----> PART 2

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

A very funny animation i discovered on you tube, educational and funny as hell lol This belongs to the to whomever created it, make sure to thank them for it........> Original you tube link


Hey everyone just giving updates to those who don't visit the rooster teeth website apparently at the pax convention they revealed the new RWBY vol. 2 intro to fans in attendance and apparently the intro is kickass according to bloggers who saw the intro, unfortunately no intro leaks have appeared on you tube yet but monty may reveal it to fans later in the month or when we get closer to volume 2 starting hopefully in june or july according to rumors.  But anyway take a look at the new RWBY volume 2 poster notice some charactor art changes and as well apparently new villians and damm the art has upgraded since vol.1. You know what that says that all the support of the anime through DVD purchases and You tubes views and merchandise basically infused a shit load of money into the series apparently leading to character and background upgrades. As always I love this series and I heard rumors they already have scripts for volume 3, this is just a rumor but as always continue to support these guys and they continue to give us a kick as anime. HERE IS LINK FROM ROOSTER TEETH TO THEIR ITEM STORE- IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE POSTER------> ONLY 10.95$ , I say ty to rooster teeth for the continued hard work on the series, ty guys and to all the fans like me who support the series in whatever way we can.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bokura No Kiseki English Translated Volume Downloads: Volumes 2 to 9 updated download links

Volume 2:BS

Volume 3:UP

Volume 4:BS

Volume 5:UP

Volume 6:BS

Volume 7:UP

Volume 8: BS

Volume 9: UP

Volume 10: Coming in May

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 30- I call this chapter -Chamber of many secrets,lol

Hi hows it going everyone, yes your not dreaming its chapter 30 and officially the end of volume 9, which means we will have to wait till may 25th to see volume 10, which wont be released in Japan till than, so give or take a month and a half until volume 10 is release. Well anyway back to chapter what are your thoughts, and theories on this chapter and why is their so many secrets in one chapter alone or is it revelations. I would love to ask questions about this chapter but questions would be spoilers, so everyone please enjoy the brand new chapters and please shout out a thanks to fancelli and gott who worked hard to tl and tlc the chapter. Please enjoy as we are proud to present Bokura no Kiseki chapter 30. I'm dieing to talk about the chapter so much stuff is happening in this chapter, you will enjoy it so much.-(4-9-2014- wow did people hate chapter barely any conversations???)
Chapter 30