Monday, November 24, 2014

Ark Romancer Chapter 4- The Sealed Emotion

Gotta love that hair... Come see the end of the fight as well as much, MUCH more! With that, Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 4 of "Ark Romancer" !
Chapter 4

Friday, November 21, 2014

In Regards to Dark Partisan...

I'll admit it... I've been lazy...

I just wasn't having it and I ended up brushing it to the side... Try as I might to get back to work on it I ended up running to my smartphone and playing "Puzzles and Dragons" and I am sorry about this. That said though I AM getting back to work on chapter 2 today and should have chapter 2 done before the end of the month.


Bokura No kiseki Volume 11 coming soon, and updates on statuses

Just giving everyone an update from my phone, Bokura no Kiseki volume 11 is on its way it will be released in japan November 25th as soon as it is released we will receive tank and than I will scan and send to fancelli, I already asked gott to notify fancelli. Ark Romancer chapter 4 is 95 percent done in editing its 52 pages but double page edits slowed down my release of it for yesterday to maybe tonight after work or tomorrow. Innazaki chapter 23 is in editing, Life chapter 2 is in editing as well. Getsurin volume 6 will hopefully begins again next week once the scripts start flowing in after rescans of volume 6. These are the updates sorry for the slow releases lately holidays and work combing into slow releases, works brutal for me during this time of year but releases will start to appear this weekend and so forth. I asked Gott to make a post about Dark Partisan updates but apparently he hasnt made post yet, Ill contact him again to make a post on status update.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Iinazuke Kyouytei Chapter 22- We ALL LOVE BOOBS!!! NEED I SAY MORE

If you didn't think it was possible... Things just got hotter. Come join us and see how as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 22 of "Iinazuke Kyoutei" !
Chapter 22

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shimakaze, the Girl of the Whirlwind Chapter 10

AND WE'RE FINALLY BACK ON TRACK! After a long wait and a commemorative chapter the story finally comes back to us. Asashio and Shimakaze won against Yuudachi but it looks like trouble's a brewing... JUST WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?! With that, here now is Chapter 10 of "Shimakaze, the Girl of the Whirlwind" !
Chapter 10

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 33-Visions of Becoming Human 1 ~Uose Kamui, The Dog People Tribe~

At long last... WE COME TO CHAPTER 33! THE END OF VOLUME 5 OF THIS SERIES! Sakuya goes into the abyss to find her answer and comes across the very origin of the inugami possessions and Osekami-hime! So come join us as Deus Ex Scans is absolutely thrilled to present chapter 33 of "Getsurin ni Kiri Saku" !
Chapter 33


Tuesday, November 11, 2014


No, we are not slacking. Our real jobs have gotten more hectic what with our getting closer to the end of the year. Know that things will be released within the week and that we are working as fast as we can! (refer to gif^)



Saturday, November 1, 2014

Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 32- The Lightless Abyss

Halloween Release #2
Release number 2 for halloween, I am still at work and finally got a break to post this second release, please enjoy.

Chapter 32- The Lightless Abyss