Bokura No kiseki Volume 11 coming soon, and updates on statuses

Just giving everyone an update from my phone, Bokura no Kiseki volume 11 is on its way it will be released in japan November 25th as soon as it is released we will receive tank and than I will scan and send to fancelli, I already asked gott to notify fancelli. Ark Romancer chapter 4 is 95 percent done in editing its 52 pages but double page edits slowed down my release of it for yesterday to maybe tonight after work or tomorrow. Innazaki chapter 23 is in editing, Life chapter 2 is in editing as well. Getsurin volume 6 will hopefully begins again next week once the scripts start flowing in after rescans of volume 6. These are the updates sorry for the slow releases lately holidays and work combing into slow releases, works brutal for me during this time of year but releases will start to appear this weekend and so forth. I asked Gott to make a post about Dark Partisan updates but apparently he hasnt made post yet, Ill contact him again to make a post on status update.


  1. Thanks for advise about chapter 4 of ArkRomancer, we're patient hehe.

  2. after the long waiting, the mystery shall reveal....

  3. Hi. Thank you for your hard work...

    I just notice that there is no download link for Bokura no Kiseki vol 1?


    1. We never did volume 1, bliss scans did volume 1 we picked up series at volume 2


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