Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween- Organ by Ryuusui Takafumi- One shot special

Happy Halloween for those not hit with hurricane sandy, as all you know I am without power, so I have been at a relatives house editing releases, sadly they do not have internet so I have been trying to use my phones internet to get on, but the 4G network in this area crash, I finally got signal, please enjoy this release because all day I have been trying to get it to you guys, while I have signal I hope I can get more uploaded. Sorry for one link that is all I can manage I keep losing signal.

Monday, October 29, 2012


First News- What we planning for Halloween

We at Deus Ex Scans Pride ourselves in bringing you quality content, so for Halloween and Halloween eve we will be releasing 2 special supernatural/horror one shots not trap in case you were wondering, that I during my raw providing years stock piled, one one shot is super natural battle, never became a series but involve shinigami/reapers and fusion and the other same thing but more focused on battle to be the strongest, main guy and girl in this one never became a series both deal with fighting, action, but great art and stories, so sad they never became a series. We will be releasing those one shots as treats to all our fans for Halloween eve and Halloween. For raw preview of one of the One shots click Here--------->PREVIEW<--------This one to be release tuesday.

Second News- Downloads/ Projects
The download/Projects page has been updated with all releases up to date, and for NYATTO! fans I updated the downloads page with chapters 1 to 5 of NYATTO! those scans of course belonging to (KS, BRACKET, and Twincest) all in one download pack. Also Nyatto! 6 is there along with updates for Bokura no kiseki 14 and of course Tokage no ou 6 and senran kagura 13, all in our downloads page.

Third News- On current series
Working on a new snake girls chapter 4 but as well pre cleaning chapter 15 of bokura no kiseki, still waiting for script, but raws are pre cleaned and on stand by.

Fourth News: I live on East coast getting hit by Hurricane Sandy, why announce this because based on storm damage I may or may no recieve my new raw deliveries for Senran Kagura main, and Tokage no Ou, because if storm is bad, mail delivery may be affected, its suppose to arrive my comic alive and comic dengeki maoh raws on Wednesday, worst case scenario friday depending on storm damage.

Fifth news: Have you seen the third episode of Histories strongest disciple video trailer 3, here check it out

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 14- I call this Chapter "The Enemy Within"

Here we go the start of a brand new chapter of Bokura No Kiseki, chapter 14. I was going to call this chapter invitation new player but than decided to call it the enemy within because after you read this chapter you will understand why. The question of the day, after reading this chapter are you closer to understanding who are enemies and who are allies. Also, after reading this chapter do you feel that there are more people out there we need to watch out for, who feels something major will happen soon among the main players, mainly who is not telling the truth this connects to the first question. Oh just for fun what team do you belong to as a fans, team moswick, team zestria, or team church.
Chapter 14

Friday, October 26, 2012

NYATTO! Chapter 6- Yes we picked up a stray cat

              Have you not been getting enough cat ears in your life? Have you ever wanted a certain borderline ecchi manga with cat-eared girls to be picked up and ultimately finished? WELL TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY! We at Deus-Ex Scans have picked up the manga "Nyatto!" ! We picked this stray up from the internet and we're nursing it back to health and helping it grow into a completed series it was meant to be! As you may or may not have noticed, this is chapter 6 of the series so please feel free give to chapters 1-5 a read. We will be delivering chapter 6 and onwards from now on! Now then, it is with great pleasure that Deus-Ex Scans proudly presents "Nyatto!" chapter 6!(Message from Gott, Translator)
 Chapter 6
BitShare DL
Message from NJMANGA: So you know the raws used for chapter 6 came from a public source and is not our usual quality, but I want you to know volume 2 and volume 3 are our own raws which we scanned. We had planned to do this series over six months ago but negotiations with the previous group fell through in terms of possible joint we chose to disagree but remain friends (No Hard feelings, I hope), so we chose to walk away in hope they would pick it up. Now we are at 351 plus days since last chapter, we decided to use the scripts we had stockpiled for our release of this series, please enjoy the series.

Nyatto! Chapters 1 to 5 ( These scans belong to Bracket, KS, Twincest)


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tokage No Ou Chapter 6- A chapter of full of surprises

Here is a brand new chapter of Tokage No Ou, this being chapter 6 of the very long prologue, everyone as always this is a joint between Deus Ex Scans and Vexed Scans, Please enjoy. I Know everyone is probably like wow the prologue never ends but guess what this chapter we finally start making connections with various people and groups, Just like you guys we do not know what will happen next in the story, but I can tell you this we love the progress, this manga is so addictive.

Chapter 6

Updates and News: Working on snake girls 4 raws are cleaned  and I am 70 percent done with editing for Bokura no kiseki chapter 14 meaning clean, redraws done, am typesetting, yes we got script really early and as well working on other projects that are surprise lol.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Senran Kagura- Shoujotachi No Shinei Chapter 13

Its finally time for new chapter of Senran Kagura yes this is a new chapter of the main series not the snake girls, this is the all important rescue chapter to save Hibari, the all important counter attack begins. Please enjoy everyone Senran Kagura Chapter 13. Sorry for the late posting, I fell asleep while it was in final quality check so its been done for a couple hours already, but I am awake now and working On Tokage No ou chapter 6, yes I said it, we finally got proofed script back.
Chapter 13

News and Updates:
Tokage no Ou Chapter 6 In Editing- we have proofed script back-in typeset
Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 14 in Editing- we have proofed script back- in typeset

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 13- I call this chapter "Yes I am Veronica"

After some issues of delays with real life, we have finally completed chapter 13 and the official start of volume 4. Yes we are starting volume 4 right now, you know how I know we started volume 4, no its not because it says it's volume 4 but because of the no sleep due to editing 24 hours straight, I have not slept yet, but was worth it because this chapter will blow away any previous chapter. The question of the day after reading this chapter do you give big respect to Minami AKA Veronica in terms of overall intelligence, but the true question does Minami carry more guilt than what she/he has told people.Oh yeah whose Zeze, more clues in chapter lol. (Mediafire is acting weird please refer to instructions on right).
Chapter 13

Site News and Updates: We have script for chapter 14, ty fanceli, and we will be releasing this week hopefully the new chapter of Tokage no ou chapter 6

UPDATE: 10/22/2012- All downloads are up to date on the projects page, so if you have a past release you like and want to download all links are up to date and current. Its a little messy on that page but I will begin updating this site with new template and banners to make it more organized, but for now all downloads are up to date on project tab.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Night of the School Trip by Seiho Kei - One Shot Special

Since we are all waiting for Bokura No Kiseki chapter 13, I decided while on break from editing the chapter I decided to do this one shot for everyone. As to keep you entertained while I finish editing chapter 13 of Bokura No Kiseki. The title of the one shot is "The Night of the School Trip, and Its a TRAP love/comedy one shot, please Enjoy! Also, everyone say Thank you Gott for the quick script, everyone please enjoy while I edit Bokura no Kiseki!

Update: Its 12:17 am Eastern standard time I am still editing chapter 13 of Bokura No kiseki, I passed out for like 2 or 3 hours not really sure how long I was asleep But I am awake now and back to editing of the chapter, should be done by sunday morning, Sorry i passed out when I do redraws I get really sleepy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki DELAYED This week

So yeah, go with this as a announcement that Bokura no Kiseki 13 will be late:

Dear readers, due to the INORDINATE amount of pages in chapter 13 of Bokura no Kiseki  plus real life issues for fanceli in reference to midterms for college. This weeks chapter of  Bokura no Kiseki we ask that you please mentally accept and expect a delay in release this week. We work to deliver quality releases and do not want to do something stupid like rush on this series that I'm sure many of you have waited for the day that someone, us, would bring back new chapters for your reading pleasure! It is our intention to at least release this week if not early next week (though we really intend to release this week). THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING! (Message from GOTT-Translator/TLC/PROOFER.)

Message from NJAMANGA:
I asked gott to formulate the best message to you guys the fans of Bokura No kiseki because of the fact he works hand in hand with fanceli in script development, so he was the best to summarize the situation.  This message is for the upcoming question I know people will send.

1. Why is series delayed: Because we have no script yet, plus even if we did have script we still have to TLC it plus remember this I still have to edit it, which takes time.

2. Did you drop the series: I know someone will ask this because of delay, no we did not drop series, its only delayed until we have script.

3. Where my Bokura no Kiseki: Refer to the answers of the first two questions.

4. I looked on site and dont see chapter 13: Please refer to post in reference to delay

We love and appreciate all our fans and support given to us by the fans in reference to this series, we work hard to push out chapters weekly, sometime delays occur nothing can be done except to wait until its released. I will try to post if anything something for you guys to read friday to make up for delay, thank you for your patience, and please do not be mad, we are only human, and delays occur, its natural.

UPDATE: 10/18/2012
Just recieved script from Fanceli, who I thank for all the hard work, thankyou so much Fanceli, the script is now in TLC and Proofing, meaning it may remain there fr 24 to 48 hours depending on time that Gott has to proofer and tlc, than I will trickle down to me and depending on redraws it can take a few hours to maybe a day to edit depending on alot of factors, but we now have a script but still need proofing and tlc and so forth, hope this is good update.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.3

Its time for a brand new chapter of Senran Kagura- Guren No Hebi, its time for chapter 3. Let's just say this chapter will explain many things that have never truly been covered in any of the other series plus we get to me some other snake girls we never met, ok no more talking on my part lol, Please enjoy.
Chapter 3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 12- Final chapter in volume 3-YEAH YEAH

We have finally reached the end of Volume 3, wow it seems only yesterday we revived the series courtesy of our Main TL for this Series Fanceli  and our other TL Gotterstechen007, who have worked so hard to make sure this series is released weekly, who is in shock we have already reached the end of volume 3 and now we move on to volume 4. I give myself some claps of appreciation, yes I will give because I edit this weekly, and my wrist right now feels like its floating from this 55 plus page chapter in less than 6 hours of editing lol. -Your probably wondering why does the image look like that, they made it look like a worn out poster this time around lol. Well enough talking here is the final chapter in volume 3, Chapter 12 has made its debut lol.(Question: DO you think the church stance on neutrality, is it really being followed or did the church have a hand in the attack?)(Hint, what are the secrets they are hiding, why are they so focused on keeping secret meetings)
Chapter 12

Monday, October 8, 2012

Yankano! Chapter 4- Brand new Chapter

Its time for a brand new chapter of Yankano!, not much to say except its a hell of a good chapter, please enjoy the things we love about Yankees!
Chapter 4

One Shot Winner! Magical Ear Pick Panic!

Here is the winner of the one shot poll contest, in which Deus Ex Scans Fans chose our next one shot, warning, this is a trap comedy, meaning if you do not like trap do not download, but if you like comedies than feel free to read it. I hope everyone enjoys this was chosen by you guys being the fans.Warning it is slightly ecchi, if your not mentally prepared you might go into shock lol.
Magical Ear Pick Panic!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 11- Secrets of the Church

Here is a brand new installment of Bokura No Kiseki, this chapter gets the gears going in the story in which character's are now showing up and showing who has authorities, who has other agenda's, and who overall will make big impacts in the story, but best of all let's play the game who do you think ZeZe is, I think in this chapter the author is teasing or misleading us but you never know lol. This whole chapter can either be good for story or bad for story, but either way its interesting as all hell. One more chapter until Volume 3 is done, so wow we are blazing through volumes, look forward to chapter 12 after this, of course next week.
Chapter 11
Bitshare DL

Updates: Im editing Yankano Chapter 4 and the winner of the one shot contest "magical Ear pick panic

Monday, October 1, 2012

Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.2

Another installment of Senran Kagura- Guren No Hebi, remember this is the spinoff that basically shows you the story from the snake girls point of view, please enjoy.
Chapter 2

Importants NEWS: Raws for Yankano, Senran Kagura Main, Tokage no Ou, and maybe Asa Made Jugyou Chu, if author decides to comes back from vacation, all arrive this monday.