Happy Halloween- Organ by Ryuusui Takafumi- One shot special

Happy Halloween for those not hit with hurricane sandy, as all you know I am without power, so I have been at a relatives house editing releases, sadly they do not have internet so I have been trying to use my phones internet to get on, but the 4G network in this area crash, I finally got signal, please enjoy this release because all day I have been trying to get it to you guys, while I have signal I hope I can get more uploaded. Sorry for one link that is all I can manage I keep losing signal.


  1. Thank you for releasing even in the harsh situation you and all east coasters are facing. GL NJMANGA!

    As this oneshot, it's pretty good. Too bad there was no serialization...wouldn't mind an anime adaptation.

  2. It certainly is of great quality... thanks for commenting and your kind words... PRAY HE GETS HIS POWER BACK, EVERYONE!

  3. the halloween oneshot release is good, this manga will be a good one if made serialzation
    i like the eyes from main character when he's battle.
    thanks for u hardwork even in bad condition


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