The Night of the School Trip by Seiho Kei - One Shot Special

Since we are all waiting for Bokura No Kiseki chapter 13, I decided while on break from editing the chapter I decided to do this one shot for everyone. As to keep you entertained while I finish editing chapter 13 of Bokura No Kiseki. The title of the one shot is "The Night of the School Trip, and Its a TRAP love/comedy one shot, please Enjoy! Also, everyone say Thank you Gott for the quick script, everyone please enjoy while I edit Bokura no Kiseki!

Update: Its 12:17 am Eastern standard time I am still editing chapter 13 of Bokura No kiseki, I passed out for like 2 or 3 hours not really sure how long I was asleep But I am awake now and back to editing of the chapter, should be done by sunday morning, Sorry i passed out when I do redraws I get really sleepy.


  1. thank you for the one shot. btw i didnt receive further email from you.

  2. So sorry Hikari, been so busy managing group affair here and our secondary group we manage, as well been training our second editor, who finally released his second release of the month and is increasing speed, Hopefully he will get fast enough to bring over to manga side,so far been training him in typesetting, cleaning, and redrawing, and he has released his second release, so he is moving quick in his training, ill email you soon.

  3. Passing out while scanlating, that's what I call hard core dedication! You are awesome!

    1. Sadly its happening more often lol ill be cleaning a chapter and next you know it i close my eyes as if I was blinking and a few hours had gone by and I realize I passed out when I was blinking


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