Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.2

Another installment of Senran Kagura- Guren No Hebi, remember this is the spinoff that basically shows you the story from the snake girls point of view, please enjoy.
Chapter 2

Importants NEWS: Raws for Yankano, Senran Kagura Main, Tokage no Ou, and maybe Asa Made Jugyou Chu, if author decides to comes back from vacation, all arrive this monday.


  1. Thanks for the release, and good news about the raws!!! I can barely wait for the next couple of weeks to come now.

    It has been a good Queen's birthday for me today :)

    1. Queens birthday, its not london, so im guessing Australia, Am i wrong or right, I could of sworn heard out this being an official holiday in australia since they celebrate her birthday in April, I can only assume australia

    2. I remember I heard about it that in london they celebrate in April but it celebrate now in autralia not so much for her birthday but to celebrate her being head of state, something along those lines, how do people celebrate the queens birthday

  2. Thanks for the chapter! I've been waiting for this.
    It looks like this really will be just the Hebijou side of things and not follow the game's story which changed things a little.


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