Senran Kagura- Shoujotachi No Shinei Chapter 13

Its finally time for new chapter of Senran Kagura yes this is a new chapter of the main series not the snake girls, this is the all important rescue chapter to save Hibari, the all important counter attack begins. Please enjoy everyone Senran Kagura Chapter 13. Sorry for the late posting, I fell asleep while it was in final quality check so its been done for a couple hours already, but I am awake now and working On Tokage No ou chapter 6, yes I said it, we finally got proofed script back.
Chapter 13

News and Updates:
Tokage no Ou Chapter 6 In Editing- we have proofed script back-in typeset
Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 14 in Editing- we have proofed script back- in typeset


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