Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 10- Let's call it the Rumble chapter

Time for another installment of Bokura No Kiseki, I called this chapter the rumble chapter, in which not everyone reincarnated was nice, and now true intentions may be revealed. I wanted everyone to pay attention to Zeze, he is giving a look in a certain page, that tells you who he might be based on his reaction but nothing more, but I might be wrong.(Pay close attention to Zeze- He is oozing with clues in who he might be, I might be wrong with my blood shot eyes with last minute revisions we did).  - Oh on a extra note: we will be posting senran kagura snake girls chapter 2, saturday, just an update to all the senran fans.
Chapter 10

In an effort to deliver more impact to the story, I felt that page 34 and 35 didnt need to be combined, I felt separately they looked better, but some people have emailed me and want the combined page. so here is the combined page and I will change all download links to include combined page 34, and 35. This link is 34 and 35 combined.
Page 34-35 Combined -double page combine   <<<<---- click link
Alt download link for combined 34-35 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Update for fans on Yankano and comic valkyrie

ISSUE 40 will arrive this week to my house, Starting november Comic valkyrie will no longer print a magazine, straight to digital like how shounen jump with their magazine.

According to comic valkyrie, this will be the last physical issue they print, this issue is coming this week in the mail, according to the homepage, they are going completely digital in November. What does this mean for you, Yankano comes from comic valkyrie and if they are going digital that means, that all raw scans will be from web rip, what does that mean it means this lowers quality images due to it being from a web rip and not a scanner. I have added link to comic valkyrie homepage where they have a sample issue on display to show web comic format.
Comic Valkyrie Click link   they have sample of online reader format on site. The problem I see that may occur is they may block IP addresses from certain countries, meaning I wont know if I have access to chapter 5 of yankano until november when they release the first digital issue and I determine if I have to either subscribe or not to the digital release. Here is sample image of how a web rip looks, i just did it now took two seconds but this will be overall quality of a web rip image we will have to work with for raws.

Sample web rip of raw
 If come November they don't allow non Japanese membership to site, we may lose yankano. But if I am allowed to pay an online membership or subscriber fee than we are good. This week Yankano chapter 4 arrives in mail, chapter 5 we wont know until they unveil digital issue one. I will keep doing series as long as I can get raws I promise this to all fans.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 9- Better late than never- such a good chapter

Finally the start of volume 3 of Bokura No Kiseki, this is Chapter 9, what can I say about this chapter other than its long, you learn alot more information than in previous chapters and action all over. Please enjoy and I am so sorry for the late post as everyone knows but its here now so no more staying mad at me lol.
Chapter 9
UPDATED: 9/23/2012 Me and Fanceli had a great discussion on who Zeze might be we shot around our thoughts and ideas and various clue we have seen in previous chapter, so tell me everyone who do you think ZEZE is. Who does Zeze remind you of, do you feel zeze is someone a servent, a noble, or no one in particular, or is zeze a main player, please share your thoughts fans of bokura no kiseki. Has anyone noticed that Zeze happens to be everywhere of importance when events a occur, there is no such thing as coincidence, but also remember in chapter 9 doesnt anyone find it suspicious that zeze never reacted to finding out minami is veronica, he didnt give off the typical reaction like all the other student who remember, why. Also who is kaimoka the first girl injured minami middle school friend, why doesnt anyone rememebr who she is from her past life, a priestest who, exactly, is she concealing her true identity, she was the first one to remember after veronica, or is she a main player hiding identity for a reason. So lets think who has yet to appear

While we wait for Bokura No kisek to get final QC, typesetting done lets vote for next one shot

While we are waiting for final QC to occur on Bokura no Kiseki 9 , typset and redraws done waiting for QC, my quality check is currently at wedding, cant help it I was late not him, when he gets home he will review, ok lets vote for next one shot, your votes will decide one shot we do. All voting will take place on poll, and each one shot will only get two sample images. Do not view or click images if trap genre type manga or gender bender manga offends you.

LET'S Vote on Next one shot - These are all trap/gender bender
Choice 1
Sample 1
Sample 2

Choice 2
Sample 1
Sample 2

Choice 3
Sample 1
Sample 2

Choice 4
Sample 1
Sample 2

OR WILD CARD- WILD CARD CHOICE CAN ONLY BE VOTED IN COMMENTS and NOT IN POLL, each comments constitutes a vote for wild card.  Vote for wild cards in comments because both are mini series meaning more than 4 chapters give or take so just type wild choice 1 or 2 to count vote in comments.
WIld Card Choice 1

WILD Card Choice 2

Friday, September 21, 2012

Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.1- Here is the first chapter

Here is Chapter 1 of the brand new series Spin-off of  Senran Kagura,  titled of course Senran Kagura-Guren No Hebi, basically it follows the story in terms of the snake girls points of view with various adventures, and mishaps and stories from the point of view of the snake girls, heavy fanservice but overall good story progress through the chapters and is released in Comic Rex unlike the main Senran Kagura series that is released in Comic alive, Comic Rex is literally shounen magazine similar to comic alive, just slightly different art and can I say more cohesive story arcs, and currently ongoing in Japan.
Chapter 1
Bit Share DL
DF (Just added)
Update: Bokura no Kiseki chapter 9 is in progress of late final typesetting, its over 54 pages long and  dialogue heavy we had to do bits and changes that took some time to script, all good changes basically the bonus materials pages. So it should be done by later tonight, sorry I would of had it done sooner but I had to go to work and had late afternoon meetings which killed my editing time, will have it done by tonight even if posted late it will be done.sorry for any inconvenience, just need a few hours to finish.

Twins Game- Our First One shot- Waai Mahalo

This is a great one shot its literally two twins one a boy and one a girl and both decide to switch places in effort to not only protect one another but as an effort to live the life they want. Its a cute one shot that has gender bender elements but as well romance, comedy, school, action, it basically has alot of little elements and some mature content, not like crazy OMG type stuff but enough for the imagination. I thought it was a well written story, and its premiered in Waai Mahalo, for those who do not know the magazine its a spin off magazine of Waai, Waai is known for series such as secret of devil chan, reversible school life, and past future, and rescue maiden miko, waai mahalo is the spin off magazine, in which they go beyond waai regular comedies and introduce dramatic stories, and stuff that pushes the border between safe and borderline, something waai regular can't push. Not all the one shots are comedies but border drama, with hints of comedy and borderlines fan service. Well I hope of all you enjoy this first one shot release from deus ex scans, please enjoy and as well tell us what you think after you read it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Updates and progress 9-18-2012

We are currently working on various releases, tonight I will be completing a host of releases but here is an update it may be sloppy im writing post from work.

Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Vol.1 - In progress
Chapter 1: In Translation, chapter cleaned, and redrawn, waiting for typeset
Chapter 2: IN TL
Chapter 3: IN TL
Chapter 4: IN TL
Chapter 5: IN TL
Chapter 6: IN TL
Chapter 7: IN TL

Bokura No kisei Vol. 3- In progress, chapter 9 in typesetting and final TLC

Twin Game one shot in final Typeset- will release soon 50 plus pages been doing it on and off, really good one shot.

Raws for Yankano, senran, asa made, tokage all arrive after 27th of this month, yes another yankano I know we were all happy as well he he

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 8- Here is end of Vol. 2

We have finally completed vol.2 of Bokura No kiseki, isn't that great and we did it in literally one month give or take. How many people can say that, Bokura No Kiseki volume, in only one month. Well this is all big thanks to Fanceli, without the TL we wouldn't of made it this far but as well the overworked Gotterstechen007 who has been acting as TLC/quality checker throughout the release. And as well Daffy D assisting alongside us to relieve the stress on Gott that week. I guess I should thank myself for pushing so hard every week to make sure you get releases in those endless editing moments, we are just happy as can be, now on to volume 3, and yes we have script for chapter 9 he he.
Chapter 8
Bitshare DL

Bokura No Kiseki Full Vol. 2- All Chapters pack

UPDATES and Progress- 1:00am 9/15.12

Bokura no Kiseki Chapter 8, is complete, all cleans and typesets, and redraws done, Im just waiting for final quality check, I am sorry for the lateness, I am waiting for a final quality check to be performed before I post, so please bare with the inconvenience. I don't want to post until its been looked over, but all is done just waiting. Along with the chapter 8 post I will also post the entire volume as well for download.

Important Info to anyone interested, I am still recruiting, I am looking for a High level Quality checker/proofer, someone who can act as a substitute for my TL who does TLC right now for most of our releases, I need someone to act not so much as a proofer but more as the person who receives my complete edits, and looks them over but as well double checks dialogue, makes sure proofer caught everything, someone preferably who has an understanding of japanese, preferably know his or her kana, and kanji, its not for a TL but  a quality checker/minor finishing proofer, that is position. Like right now I could use this person, so when releases are done, they can check it, instead of me inconveniencing  Gott who is at work and who is acting as temporary TLC/Quality. I say temporary because I rather he focus on scripts than all the extra work involved with TLC/quality checking.

-People probably wonder NJMANGA why don't you do it, and I can answer this on a typical week I edit roughly 9 on average releases, for this group, our other group, and other groups, so no time for me to quality check/ my eyes are pretty much blown out by the time Im done editing lol.

Here is preview of Volume 3 Cover Below---> Spoiler image click ->CLICK ME TO SEE

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


What can be said about the newest chapter except OMG and why are you in a bikini, seriously. Well here is a new chapter of this great ongoing series titled Tokage No Ou, Please enjoy and as always this joint project between Deus Ex Scans and are our friends at Vexed Scans. Please enjoy the newest omg chapter.
Tokage No Ou Chapter 5-NEW DL Links with pg. correction

One page 36, we noticed an error, not an error but instead of water strider we left the japanese name of it as amebo and some people were confused about what it was- here is corrected page to all those who downloaded chapter  with  amenbo instead of water strider, I will change chapter download links with corrected page, but for those who don't want to re-download here is corrected page. All download links have been changed to reflect change in page. so if you only want page here is link.

Friday 9-14-2012- We will be posting the next chapter of Bokura No Kiseki chapter 8


Updates and Progress for 9-12-2012


To all those who follow my blog I am hoping your enjoying our releases as we try to meet and exceed the expectations of the fans of various series. We are working hard, and currently this is the progress of certain series.

Tokage no Ou Chapter 5: In final quality check, meaning its done just being reviewed will be posted tonight.

Bokura no kiseki chapter 8- Cleaned, redrawn, in progress of typesetting

Twin game- in typesetting, alot of pages.

New snake girls- in Translation

Bokura no Kiseki Chapter 9- Script in TLC

I hope this was a good update.
Tokage no ou chapter 5- Tonight
Bokura no Kiseki Chapter 8- Will be posted  9-14-2012
Twin game- 9-15-2012
Bokura no Kiseki 9- Will be posted 9-21-2012

OH YEAH RAWS FOR YANKANO CHAPTER 4 and SENRAN CHAPTER 13 ARRIVE ON OR BEFORE SEPTEMBER 27th. HA HA you thought we forgot about YANKANO, of course we wouldn't forget its the series that started our group, but the raws will arrive soon.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Senran Kagura Chapter 12- its a nice chapter

        Time again for another chapter of Senran Kagura this being chapter 12 of the series and either the beginning of volume 3 or the end of volume 2, won't know until I see the tank. Its a decent chapter wish there was more but 15pages is better than nothing for  a chapter, not like Asa made Jugyou Chu! that goes MIA for months at a time. On another side note we have the snake girls tank spin off Vol.1 from comic rex and will start releasing those chapters soon. For those who don't know here is image of spin off at bottom of page.I'll tell you one thing the snake girls spin off is really hot, good drawing actual story and overall quality is there in the whole package and enough chapters to play around with until vol. 2
Chapter 12

Image of snake girls tank spin off

Yes I have it all scanned HE HE

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 7- Very action packed chapter

Here is the start of a chapter full of revelations, truth, action, lies, misleading, and misunderstandings, that is a lot of stuff occurring, if you haven't read the previous chapters, you will never understand this chapter, as always lets thank Fanceli, and Gott for the amazing script, you would be surprised the amount of work both Fanceli and Gott put into a script, I am always appreciative of all the work they put into a release, my editing is nothing in terms of work compared to hours spent with scripts, masters of working overtime to get scripts right. One more chapter until the start of Vol. 3, we are making a dent in the series.
Chapter 7
Update: We will be releasing Tokage no ou Chapter 5, 9/12/2012 in a few days meaning Wednesday, and it comes with color
Update: 9/9/2012 - Just added two new download links minus and fs for those having trouble with mf and if the trick doesn't work.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Guess what NJMANGA is editing 9-5 -2012

I always make a case to try to give everyone updates on statuses and I feel going quiet for to long makes people nervous, Im sorry for no activity but I want you to know we are working hard on releases, I spent literally last week editing for our other group a heavy amount of releases so I got tired but Im good now. here are the updates and statuses

Currently in Transations/ or in process of heading to proofing.
  • Senran kagura chapter 12
  • Snake girls volume 1
  • Tokage no ou chapter 5
  • Bokura no Kiseki chapter 8- Fanceli is working on it, we will get it when fanceli is not busy, go fanceli go you can do it, wishing you luck with your classes.
Currently cleaned and waiting for typeset:
  • A one shot called twin please- a nice romantic and gender bender one shot, very nice art twin brother and sister switch places to protect eachother, has trap elements, but of course it does its from Waai Mahalo vol.1, waai mahalo is a spinoff from waai magazine basically more borderline and pg 13 stuff they don't hold back with the spin off- this ill release ASAP as soon as I get final script approved, meaning checking that all the I's are dotted and all the dialogue has been finalized, its been proofed but its get another once over. FOr all those who dont know waai, you know the series secret of devil chan, reversible school life, past future, suzmme cherry, and so forth released by our friends at hachimatsu, this one shot is from the spin off magazine Waai mahalo
  • Bokura no kiseki 7- Waiting for final TLC, everything is cleaned, just waiting to typeset, scheduled for this friday posting hopefully. Doesnt take me that long to typeset when I have raws already cleaned and waiting. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 6- It's finally Arrived

We finally arrive with Chapter 6 for for our Labor Day Weekend Release, Sorry for the lateness of the release, last night a whole series of events occurred that ended up with me and our TLC being completely exhausted i.e. Work kicked our butts and got us tired. So instead of releasing something that was not 100 percent quality checked in terms of dialogue and basic typestting, we regrouped and waited till today when we weren't so tired and can review properly.  Oh remember if you have issue with media fire please refer to message on right hand side, basically right click link and copy and paste it to address bar to bypass blocked message. Also good news Fanceli already gave us chapter 7, so cheer Fanceli on for chapter 8 lol.
Chapter 6