Senran Kagura Chapter 12- its a nice chapter

        Time again for another chapter of Senran Kagura this being chapter 12 of the series and either the beginning of volume 3 or the end of volume 2, won't know until I see the tank. Its a decent chapter wish there was more but 15pages is better than nothing for  a chapter, not like Asa made Jugyou Chu! that goes MIA for months at a time. On another side note we have the snake girls tank spin off Vol.1 from comic rex and will start releasing those chapters soon. For those who don't know here is image of spin off at bottom of page.I'll tell you one thing the snake girls spin off is really hot, good drawing actual story and overall quality is there in the whole package and enough chapters to play around with until vol. 2
Chapter 12

Image of snake girls tank spin off

Yes I have it all scanned HE HE


  1. Awesome work guys, I'm loving how faithfully this manga adapts the game's story.
    I can't wait for the Hebijou story to see if that adapts the new game's story the same as the Hanzo manga is.


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