Updates and progress 9-18-2012

We are currently working on various releases, tonight I will be completing a host of releases but here is an update it may be sloppy im writing post from work.

Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Vol.1 - In progress
Chapter 1: In Translation, chapter cleaned, and redrawn, waiting for typeset
Chapter 2: IN TL
Chapter 3: IN TL
Chapter 4: IN TL
Chapter 5: IN TL
Chapter 6: IN TL
Chapter 7: IN TL

Bokura No kisei Vol. 3- In progress, chapter 9 in typesetting and final TLC

Twin Game one shot in final Typeset- will release soon 50 plus pages been doing it on and off, really good one shot.

Raws for Yankano, senran, asa made, tokage all arrive after 27th of this month, yes another yankano I know we were all happy as well he he


  1. Sorry, I'm not familiar with this terminology, what does TLC mean?

    I just want to know how close we are to seeing what happens with Hiroki and Minami in Bokura no Kiseki (I'm impatient :P)

    1. TLC is translation checking, with Bokura we have been consistently posting it on friday so you will see it friday, so no worries, it will arrive and its a great chapter, we were doing the extra stuff that comes with volume tanks that dont normally come with magazine scans, basically the extra stuff for you guys to enjoy. so on 9-21-2012 you will see what happens between hiroki and minami.

  2. IT'S FRIDAY !! I'm here again! :D For BOKURA WA KISEKI!

    I love you guys so much! So so grateful for bwk! Thanks for your hard work.


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