Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.1- Here is the first chapter

Here is Chapter 1 of the brand new series Spin-off of  Senran Kagura,  titled of course Senran Kagura-Guren No Hebi, basically it follows the story in terms of the snake girls points of view with various adventures, and mishaps and stories from the point of view of the snake girls, heavy fanservice but overall good story progress through the chapters and is released in Comic Rex unlike the main Senran Kagura series that is released in Comic alive, Comic Rex is literally shounen magazine similar to comic alive, just slightly different art and can I say more cohesive story arcs, and currently ongoing in Japan.
Chapter 1
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Update: Bokura no Kiseki chapter 9 is in progress of late final typesetting, its over 54 pages long and  dialogue heavy we had to do bits and changes that took some time to script, all good changes basically the bonus materials pages. So it should be done by later tonight, sorry I would of had it done sooner but I had to go to work and had late afternoon meetings which killed my editing time, will have it done by tonight even if posted late it will be done.sorry for any inconvenience, just need a few hours to finish.


  1. Thank you! I've been waiting for this to see if it will follow the game's story so I can fully understand what's happening in the game. Unfortunately this chapter isn't the same as the start of the game but I hope it eventually mirrors the story.

    1. I can tell you this the story is less confusing than senran kagura main, its a pretty strong flow into stories in this spin off, perfect word more cohesive than other senran we have done, plus the art is pretty sweet tighter lines to say the least. we got volume 1 and are waiting for volume 2 to come out since it ongoing which is always good

  2. you dont have to push your self that much if you have something else just do it we can weit for you.
    and thenks for all the manga charapters you made i hope you can work bokura no kiseki till the end of the manga.

    1. I try to keep to promises, trust is everything when releasing because people take the time to download and read our releases, its only fair I respond and provide the releases. Its my fault because I didn't take into account all the extra meetings I had at work vs all the redraws this chapter has plus bonus pages, a normal Bokura has maybe 10 percent redraws, this chapter is more like 40 percent redraws and a few page combines and so forth, I will get it done by tonight but most likely QC will be asleep so nothing can be posted until saturday but it will be done and waiting in his email by tonight. Im planning to do the whole series as long as I have a translator like fanceli and Gott working on it, hopefully these two don't burn out, Ill give you a preview volume 4 is literally like 60 page per chapter. As long as they stay strong I will continue to release even if not on friday but on a saturday likes whats happening now. But ty for the support it keep me motivated to finish this.


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