UPDATES and Progress- 1:00am 9/15.12

Bokura no Kiseki Chapter 8, is complete, all cleans and typesets, and redraws done, Im just waiting for final quality check, I am sorry for the lateness, I am waiting for a final quality check to be performed before I post, so please bare with the inconvenience. I don't want to post until its been looked over, but all is done just waiting. Along with the chapter 8 post I will also post the entire volume as well for download.

Important Info to anyone interested, I am still recruiting, I am looking for a High level Quality checker/proofer, someone who can act as a substitute for my TL who does TLC right now for most of our releases, I need someone to act not so much as a proofer but more as the person who receives my complete edits, and looks them over but as well double checks dialogue, makes sure proofer caught everything, someone preferably who has an understanding of japanese, preferably know his or her kana, and kanji, its not for a TL but  a quality checker/minor finishing proofer, that is position. Like right now I could use this person, so when releases are done, they can check it, instead of me inconveniencing  Gott who is at work and who is acting as temporary TLC/Quality. I say temporary because I rather he focus on scripts than all the extra work involved with TLC/quality checking.

-People probably wonder NJMANGA why don't you do it, and I can answer this on a typical week I edit roughly 9 on average releases, for this group, our other group, and other groups, so no time for me to quality check/ my eyes are pretty much blown out by the time Im done editing lol.

Here is preview of Volume 3 Cover Below---> Spoiler image click ->CLICK ME TO SEE


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