Update for fans on Yankano and comic valkyrie

ISSUE 40 will arrive this week to my house, Starting november Comic valkyrie will no longer print a magazine, straight to digital like how shounen jump with their magazine.

According to comic valkyrie, this will be the last physical issue they print, this issue is coming this week in the mail, according to the homepage, they are going completely digital in November. What does this mean for you, Yankano comes from comic valkyrie and if they are going digital that means, that all raw scans will be from web rip, what does that mean it means this lowers quality images due to it being from a web rip and not a scanner. I have added link to comic valkyrie homepage where they have a sample issue on display to show web comic format.
Comic Valkyrie Click link   they have sample of online reader format on site. The problem I see that may occur is they may block IP addresses from certain countries, meaning I wont know if I have access to chapter 5 of yankano until november when they release the first digital issue and I determine if I have to either subscribe or not to the digital release. Here is sample image of how a web rip looks, i just did it now took two seconds but this will be overall quality of a web rip image we will have to work with for raws.

Sample web rip of raw
 If come November they don't allow non Japanese membership to site, we may lose yankano. But if I am allowed to pay an online membership or subscriber fee than we are good. This week Yankano chapter 4 arrives in mail, chapter 5 we wont know until they unveil digital issue one. I will keep doing series as long as I can get raws I promise this to all fans.


  1. Not sure whether it is going to be free or not.




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