Monday, December 30, 2013

Dragon Rider's... OUT!- Comic Alive cancelled series

In case you're wondering... SERIES WAS CANCELLED BY COMIC ALIVE we're DROPPING "Dragon Rider's Counterattack" ... We expected great things from series but it was anything but... There were dragons... There were dragon riders... but there was no counterattack to speak of... and we have a problem with that... There several other issues we have with this... But, if anything, I for one knew there was something wrong the moment I found the maid, Reshika, in chapter 2 to be my favorite character... GIVE ME MORE RESHIKA! But alas it is not meant to be... Even the magazine this series was serialized in, Comic Alive, cancelled... Yeap you heard right, comic alive cancelled the series in chapter 4 that is how bad it was, the series was so bad that they did a sport festival final chapter with a dragon crying in the end and flying into the sky, it was so bad even if cancelled damm give a decent ending lol . Let it be known that it's best to not start off a series with filler! Last two chapters were so stupid we wanted to punch somebody... The only silver lining in this series is that we got to work on a series with Dragon Girls... And that's all... So once again... this series is dropped and we are not doing the last two chapters... Not even if you paid us... They are THAT dumb...


Look forward to it!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 28- Its all about the bling- UPDATED 12/30/2013

Hello Boys and Girls, we bring you a treat, a brand new chapter of Bokura No Kiseki, We welcome volume 9 and say hello to chapter 28, I call this chapter its all about the bling, you will understand when you read the chapter. This post I wont ask any questions because any questions would be a spoiler so Ill ask this, based on the chapter what is your theory of the next chapter and where do you think this is leading everyone, revelations and enemies who and what, lets talk. Everyone please enjoy the new chapter.
Vol. 9 chapter 28
-Update- A fan pointed out a typo to us on page 39, so we corrected the typo all download links have been updated with the correction on the page- if you downloaded the file previously and just need the page click here for page only and hover over right hand of image and click than save as---PAGE ONLY DOWNLOAD

Bokura No Kiseki Vol.9 Charactor Chart Preview- Brand New Charts

Click Me Updated
Click Me
Here is a preview of the newly updated character charts for Bokura No Kiseki Vol. 9 took me about 3 to 5 hours to do maybe just less than 4 hours, Im about 90 percent done with chapter 28 so while you wait here these are the brand new charts for vol. 9, you will notice a few new characters are scheduled to make appearances in this volume and as well most of these characters will be active in the chapters. Enjoy the new charts will post chapter in next post.

Imawabi no Dakini CH. 8- 8th Sword - Contact

If you thought the Hitogata were bad... Think again... This chapter brings about some of the real heavy hitters on the opposing side... Will Fushimi and Toume be able to survive their encounter? Will they be able to save Toume? Find out this and much more as Deus Ex Scans proudly presents chapter 8 of "Imawabi no Dakini" ! (Message from NJMANGA- Had to work saturday after being awake over 30 hours, came home passed out, woke up recently, I am posting this since it was done and I finished it the other day, coming next is Bokura No kiseki, dont ask me what time I literally just woke up after being awake over 38 hours)- Also deposit file changed there services to some cloud storage format, we may stop using deposit files if i cant resolve issue.
Chapter 8- Contact
Chapters 1 to 8 (combo Pack)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Who remembers FATE STAY NIGHT FROM EARLY year 2000 it came out before fate zero 8 years give or take before

Apparently due to the popularity of the Fate Zero 2 seasons, the author along with the anime company decided to redo fate stay night to match fate zero, so we are getting a completely revamped redrawn and redone Fate Stay night, with all the modern anime technologies to match Fate zero check the trailer we are getting a brand new fate stay night(IF YOU WATCH TRAILER CLOSELY ITS HEAVENS FEEL PATH ILL PROVIDE GAME TRAILER BELOW SO YOU CAN SEE WHY I BELIEVE THEY WILL DO FATE STAY NIGHT HEAVENS FEEL PATH. Info Courtesy of anime news network ----- Their post-->Fate Stay Night ANN


bokura no kiseki volume 9 news- information about chapter 28

We have the script for chapter 28 which is the start of volume 9, fancelli was kind enough to get it done before christmas the total page count is between 74 to 75 pages for this chapter, Im working on it and some redraws are crazy heavy and was planning to release it on christmas but than some fans demanded I release it and sent me nasty messages and that pretty much annoyed me so I stopped working on it, i really wanted to release it christmas but some fans had to ruin it by threatening me. I am working on it again, so everyone be patient 75 page edits with heavy dialogue doesnt occur overnight and sending me nasty messages all it does is make me want to stop edits, so if everyone can maintain calm and stop sending nasty messages I will release it asap once edits are done ill release, so please if your going to comment be nice and dont send me threats and it will be released.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays- Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 17-The Devouring of Heretics

Our look into Shippei's past continues on... and with some surprising turns of events! The plot thickens as a mystery unfolds in Shippei's past! Please join us as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 17 of "Getsurin ni Kiri Saku" !

Chapter 17

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Secret Devil-chan Chapter 15- Devil-chan etches memories

Here we go boys and girls another chapter of our infamous devil, its seems things are reaching its final arc in this series or maybe not but what we do know is that Deus Ex Scans and Hachimitsu scans is proud to present in our greatest joint project The Secret Devil-Chan chapter 15. Everyone please enjoy, also Waai Mahalo with devil-chan motto will arrive at end of month.
Chapter 15

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Imawabi no Dakini CH. 7- 7th Sword - The Fox-Masked Man

Ohuhuhuhhu... Things are getting goooood~ Questions will be answered... Enemies will be revealed... It's the calm before the storm... AND WE'RE GIVING YOU A FRONT ROW SEAT! Please enjoy as Deus Ex Scans brings you chapter 7 of "Imawabi no Dakini" !
Chapter 7-The Fox-Masked Man

Chapters 1 to 7 (Combo Pack)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Valkyrie Romanze Chapter 7 by NO.Gomesu

OH MY GOD IT FINALLY HAPPENED! That's right folks, it's not just boobs this chapter! So enjoy as Deus Ex Scans proudly presents chapter 7 of "Valkyrie Romanze" !
Chapter 7

Chapters 1 to 7 (Combo Pack)

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Blue Coffin of Lapis Lazuli Chapter 9-Sword Dance Waltz

Touya is injured and near-death... Desperate to protect his family, he then asks Lapis about her other power in the hopes that he would be able to fight again... Just what is her other power? Will it help Touya? Find out this and more as Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 9 of "The Blue Coffin of Lapis Lazuli" !
 Chapter 9-Sword Dance Waltz

Chapters 1 to 9(Combo Pack)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Status Of Bokura No Kiseki Vol. 9

Today according to our translator Gott that Fancelli made contact with him through email and we are waiting to find out whether or not fancelli has time to translate vol. 9 of Bokura no Kiseki, when we say time we mean I if scanned volume 9 today will we get a chapter within a certain time frame, so we are trying to determine if facelli has time to translate volume 9 so currently we have no scripts available and I am waiting for fancelli to notify me or email me personally when she wants the scans and when she can tl the chapters for us. This is the bokura update, we are hoping for scripts within a certain time frame but its all up to fancelli to contact me so I can send her the scans .

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Amairo Islenauts Chapter 5-Kanatabito

The mystery of the voice calling for help... REVEALED! With this comes a new steamy chapter (yup, we're still at the hot springs), and by some people's standards, a steamy new character! Please enjoy as Deus Ex Scans proudly presents chapter 5 of "Amairo Islenauts" !

Chapter 5-Kanatabito

Chapters 1 to 5 (Combo  Pack)

WitchCraft WORKS ANIME Trailer- I cant wait to see the anime, we will probably see the ending

I cant wait to see the anime we will most likely see the ending of the anime before the scanlation version even catches up, this will be nice

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Getsurin ni Kiri Saku Chapter 16- Scampering Mountain Bandits

While Sakuya, Maki and Yuzuri continue their search for the Yatsufusa, Shippe, Sakuya's Great Inugami, goes on to remember his surprising past... Join us as we learn the origins of Shippe and how he came to be Sakuya's Great Inugami! With that, Deus Ex Scans is proud to present chapter 16 of "Getsurin ni Kiri Saku" ! 2 More chapters till end of volume 3.
Chapter 16