Bokura No Kiseki Vol.9 Charactor Chart Preview- Brand New Charts

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Here is a preview of the newly updated character charts for Bokura No Kiseki Vol. 9 took me about 3 to 5 hours to do maybe just less than 4 hours, Im about 90 percent done with chapter 28 so while you wait here these are the brand new charts for vol. 9, you will notice a few new characters are scheduled to make appearances in this volume and as well most of these characters will be active in the chapters. Enjoy the new charts will post chapter in next post.


  1. Oh thank god, this looks so much better than the one I put together, we've even got pictures of almost all of the servants now!

    1. Glad you like make sure to download the chapter file, I updated the two character charts not really updated just fixed some minor redraw issues and if you saved a copy of what was posted the charactor charts have been updated with the redraw fixes

    2. I should be done in a few hours have to finish final pages and fix some lines fancelli updated some script changes 1 hour ago.

  2. yaay~ greaaat! XD


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