First News- What we planning for Halloween

We at Deus Ex Scans Pride ourselves in bringing you quality content, so for Halloween and Halloween eve we will be releasing 2 special supernatural/horror one shots not trap in case you were wondering, that I during my raw providing years stock piled, one one shot is super natural battle, never became a series but involve shinigami/reapers and fusion and the other same thing but more focused on battle to be the strongest, main guy and girl in this one never became a series both deal with fighting, action, but great art and stories, so sad they never became a series. We will be releasing those one shots as treats to all our fans for Halloween eve and Halloween. For raw preview of one of the One shots click Here--------->PREVIEW<--------This one to be release tuesday.

Second News- Downloads/ Projects
The download/Projects page has been updated with all releases up to date, and for NYATTO! fans I updated the downloads page with chapters 1 to 5 of NYATTO! those scans of course belonging to (KS, BRACKET, and Twincest) all in one download pack. Also Nyatto! 6 is there along with updates for Bokura no kiseki 14 and of course Tokage no ou 6 and senran kagura 13, all in our downloads page.

Third News- On current series
Working on a new snake girls chapter 4 but as well pre cleaning chapter 15 of bokura no kiseki, still waiting for script, but raws are pre cleaned and on stand by.

Fourth News: I live on East coast getting hit by Hurricane Sandy, why announce this because based on storm damage I may or may no recieve my new raw deliveries for Senran Kagura main, and Tokage no Ou, because if storm is bad, mail delivery may be affected, its suppose to arrive my comic alive and comic dengeki maoh raws on Wednesday, worst case scenario friday depending on storm damage.

Fifth news: Have you seen the third episode of Histories strongest disciple video trailer 3, here check it out


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