Senran Kagura Chapter 4- Enjoy the release

Here is chapter 4, not much to say about the chapter, if anything we learn more about a character and her situation in terms of family, be on the look out for chapter 5 when we hit the beach and finally get a face full of fan service, oh did you guys hear, Senran Kagura is getting an anime, who doesn't love that.

Make sure to support the manga, anime, and game- when or if you have money make sure to purchase a game or manga to support the author and publisher of manga and or game. I think the game looks hot reminds me of naruto generations, at least the graphic engine. Hope game gets US license one day, hopefully after anime it comes to US.
Amazon Japan (To bad game cant be shipped outside of japan)<---
Amazon USA( Here are some importers who have the games) 


  1. Wow, I didn't know Senran Sakura had manga. And apparently is getting an anime. Thank you for bring us the chapters and put the links so that we can buy the game; I wanted it xD
    And I take this opportunity to thank you for Yankano too ^^

  2. Heya, thanks for the release!

    Just a small query, is it possible to change the filehosting to something a bit more accessible like Mediafire or 2Shared? Both Depositfile and Freakshare give me wait times of around 3 hours between downloads :(

    1. Next chapter release which will be in a few days Ill put a copy of the chapter in a 2 shared link. Im avoiding using media fire for one reason they have been cracking down on accounts and shutting people down, I know a few groups who media fire accounts got flagged and than lost. For some people it wouldn't matter but for me since I do Raw providing to various group it would affect me in a bad way to lose my mediafire account, but i'll try 2 shared next chapter.

    2. Cool, I really appreciate it :D


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