The new issue of comic alive arrived So I decided I wanted to give everyone an update on various projects. In the current issue volume 8 2012 comic alive. we have a new chapter and juicy chapter to say the least of ASA MADE JUGYOU CHU! can I say the force is strong in yuki and damm his harem is getting new members he he. Its lesson/chapter 26, everyone is probably wondering what about lesson/chapter 25, apparently either the publisher forgot to include it in issue 5 2012 or it was skipped either because of content or a chapter numbering error. What does that mean, its means no issues has lesson 25 trust me I have a subscription I buy my raws and checked every issue from issue 4 to current looking for lesson 25. So we will be releasing chapter 26 which is in the current issue and hopefully lesson 25 appears in TANK volume, since it didnt appear in magazine. SO look forward to chapter 26 of asa made jugyou chu, which I am currently editing its pretty funny even without script.

      The next update is we just got the updated chapter of senran Kagura which is chapter 9 or 10 depending on how you number the bonus chapters and it looks interesting to say the least, can I say some nice revelations are revealed. I am currently editing chapter 7 and 8 to catch up to current they are the start of volume 2, so check blog tuesday for chapter 7. YANKANO! fans I know you hate it but we won't have a new chapter of yankano! until July many of you know this already since it is released in a bi monthly magazine which is comic valkyrie, so we can say boo on bi monthly, but july is coming up and I will have a new chapter for you guys. So that everyone knows YANKANO! is a hit because of all of you fans, its being re-translated in many languages based off our scans and translations, yes spanish, russian, vietnamese, all off our scans, cleans and TL, yes you can say they are our official groups who requested to re-translate the series and we are assisting them with our files and scripts, Thank you everyone for reading this post it was long but wanted to say thank you for supporting the group and especially supporting Yankano! I am hoping for a kick ass chapter 3 of yankano! who is dieing to get a nice color 2 page spread already, the series need a nice color page already.


  1. Hi, I'm Jasonpm14 from Seinagi and we want to say thank you for your good work and for your help to launch our Spanish version of Yankano!

    1. Thank you for releasing a great spanish version of the release. we should be getting chapter 3 soon, im so hoping for a full color spread, i can only hope lol


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