Status on YANKANO! CHapter 2 and Asa Made Jugyou Chu 24.9

Translation: 100 percent done
Cleaning: 100 percent done
Redraws: 80 percent done
Typesetting: 40 Percent done

Update 6-3-2012: The current chapter of Asa Made Jugyou Chu, is in process tonight as well, its a very special chapter so I labeled it chapter 24.9 because its not a real chapter but a special OAV chapter announcing the anime and showing all the usual characters in bobble head being interviewed for the new anime. It is a short chapter but I thought it was cute because it was a change up from the usual, its being edited as well, at this moment. <- this will probably be released before Yankano! because its short and easy to push out quick.


  1. Cheers for the update. Looking forward to it badly.

  2. Why the long wait for Yankano 3? YOu missing people in the translation/etc departments?

    Keep it up!

    1. Yankano! is released in comic valkerie its a bi monthly magazine, meaning every other month we get one chapter, the new chapter comes next week. Nothing is wrong in translation or editing, we are just waiting for magazine to be shipped, it was literally released today in Japan, and its shipping out soon, according to my shipper it will arrive 8-2-2012, basically in a couple day. The fact is they only release one chapter every other month which sucks they could at least give two chapters but they dont, all it is we are doing is waiting for raw to arrive, magazine is out today, will be here by the 2nd maybe earlier if the custom gods are in our favor lol

    2. so as of the 2nd we will have chapter 3


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