UPDATES for 12/26/2012

I hope everyone had a great holiday or Christmas whatever you celebrate I am just posting this update to keep fans updated on news of our groups and so forth.

  • First piece of news Fanceli has contacted us and notified us that she is working on chapter 17 of bokura no kiseki and that we should have a script by friday, but as always even if we get script friday you got to give us the weekend to do proper tlc and edits, since chapter 17 is 60 pages and plus it cutting close to new years eve, so please bare with a minor delay.( But should be friday with script.
  • Second piece of news I have updated all the downloads on the download tab, meaning anything that has been posted such as nyatto 9, devil-chan chapter 10 and 11, More! Devil chan 2 and Bokura no kiseki 15, 15.5, 16, and full volume 4 download links have been updated and listed on download page and as well our various Joint with Hachimitsu scans trap one shots all are up to date on the download page--------->Download page click
  • All our series raws are coming in this week that means , new chapter of tokage no ou in which we joint with vexed scans with, as well as senran kagura and as well more trap one shots from waai mahalo vol. 3 including updates to all those ongoing series within and one shots and as well More!Devil chan chapter 3 all joints we do with Hachimitsu scans and for fans of prunus girl, tasogore x amnesia Maigo scans will be getting their raw scans from me as always, and Unbreakable Machine will be scanned and sent to FTH, a series that our translator Gott translates for them. I bet you didnt know we scanned so much.
  • Our next piece of news , What new tanks we will be working will arrive this week, which include Senran Kagura Snake girls Vol. 2, so senran fans lets hear the cheers I have volume and and for trap fans Deus ex scans and Hachimitsu as translator we are reviving this series Sensi Anone , to all trap fans it was a series wow scans started and never went beyond chapter 1, this week we have the tank coming in and we will be continuing the series. Yes Vol. 1 tank.
  • New years eve make sure to come to deus ex scans where we will be premiering a brand new series for all of deus ex scans fans, lets just say, supernatural, great art, battle manga, series that uses swords, creatures and so forth its our replacement series for yankano! and it already has a few volumes out, its very graphics in terms of blood and battle but great story.
  • Also end of this week Ill scan the next volume of oto nyan meaning a brand new chapter of amaharakun- plus chapter 3 and as well more oto one shots and ongoings.
  • Finally, Thank you to ROBERT S and Ville M, who donated on christmas to Deus ex scans we have used your donation to pay for this months raws, I am so happy I was able to make a pre payment of raws that will come in our January shipment, so Guess what your donations were used to pay for our next month raw shipment of manga , TY TY TY
Ok Fans this is our update after Christmas I hope I kept you informed.


  1. Thank you very much! Not only with the wonderful releases you guys put out, but also for providing the raws for some of my favorite series to other groups as well.

    Happy Holiday to you!

    1. not many people know I am the raw provider to alot of groups, before me and gott made our group I use to be and still am a raw provider to many series in many groups, If I was to list the amount of groups I provide raws to people would fall off their chairs so I only listed two out of a whole lot of groups, you know my joint partners as well even idol pretender for vexed, and than a whole list of smaller groups lol.

  2. Thanks for the great work! Good luck and happy holidays!

  3. thank you for the news and for all your work. I wish you a very happy new year 2013.

  4. Thank you for your hard work! I <3 Bokura no Kiseki ;D


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