More! The Secret Devil-chan Chapter 2: More! Girl's Feelings

We have finally caught up on both series of the Secret Devil-chan. We finally bring to you More! The Secret Devil-chan chapter 2, as everyone knows this is the spin off series of Devil-chan which is published in Waai Mahalo and is basically a series of individual stories apart from the main story line of the waai regular series. In association and joint partnership with Hachimitsu Scans who translates the series for both of us, Everyone please enjoy the latest installment until chapter 3 which arrives next week in vol.3 of Mahalo and if we don't post anything tomorrow everyone please know from us as Deus Ex Scans Have a Merry Christmas, but ill try to get one more thing posted, no guarantees because of family dinner but have a great holiday and In case you have not seen in the post below we posted Bokura No Kiseki chapter 16 and Nyatto! chapter 9 in previous post.
Chapter 2


  1. ahh, thanks for akuma-chan

    i find the series and the spin off very funny.
    thanks for working on them.

    and i also would like to say thanks for
    bokura no kiseki

    i know this is not the post
    but because i could not say thanks until now,
    i'm saying now.
    thank god every thing was fine with Fanceli

    1. I am happy your enjoying our releases its fans like you that motivate me everyday to edit and gott and fanceli to translate , have a great holiday and ty again

  2. thank you very much !!!!

    1. Im glad you enjoyed it and ty for reading our joint release with hachmitsu, chapter 3 will be arriving soon, so look forward to a new chapter within the month, ty for reading

  3. Yesssss thanks a lot

  4. Hi!
    I just discovered you guys via Asa Made Jugyou Chu and saw you translated many good mangas x3
    Merry Christmas btw and uuuh...
    just maybe you'll know... you know when the new Asa Made Jugyou Chu chapter/volume comes out in Japan or something? Like does the author have a release date or nothing? Because I can't find anything, like for most of the mangas I'm looking for actually, and for some there's just no info at all and I just wanna know where I can find the infos I'm looking for.
    Thanks alreadeh, btw I love this series (Devil Chan) I discovered it thanks to you now and I love it :)
    And the hoster,, is just so awesome didn't know this one but it's super fast and no waiting, heaven *-*

    1. Hi Shizuka nice to meet you, it started coming again last month in japan via comic alive, but we are no longer doing the series due to it being licensed in the United states, which you can now purchase volume 1 via, if you want to read the current chapters being released you can purchase them via comic alive on amazon japan, im glad you like devil chan and our gett, it pretty cool we love it to, have a merry christmas.


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