Two New One shots: Naricissuso Tomo-Chan and Onna No Ko Play

Two more one-shots from Waai Mahalo are done in our collaboration project with Hachimitsu Scans. The first is Narcissus Tomo-chan by Yoshino. Tomo Fukuya loves taking pictures of himself while cross-dressing, and he's gained some notoriety among his schoolmates because of it. He participates in his school's beauty contest during the school festival against his friend Kei Okabe.

The second is Onna no Ko Play by Notari Hinemosu, the same author as Onna no Ko Tokidoki Otoko no Ko. Junichi Sasaki joins his school's drama club upon entering high school. However, he soon finds himself dressing up as a girl for his first stage performance.

There's only a few more releases of Mahalo left until the third volume comes out and the end of the month.

Narcissus Tomo-chan one-shot: Gett DF
Onna no Ko Play oen-shot: DF Gett


  1. Thanks for the release! Just wondering when will the next amahara + coming next?

    1. Soon we will be doing chapter 3 soon once I scan it im trying to get all the back dated chapters of secret of devil chan released, Im working on chapter 11 as I am typing this, also working yankanao, and motto devil chan, as soon as I start releasing those we will release amahara + chapter 3, maybe about give or take a week. Im trying to get devil chan up to current, I have the script courtesy of hachimitsu and im editing them asap, alongside yankano

  2. tomo very narcissistic same as the title
    thanks for the hardwork ^^

    @anonymous compared with amahara+, I'm more curious when wataru coming. *i mean boku wa sempai bla bla (^^;not remember the title)


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