The Secret Devil-chan Chapter 11: Devil-Chan Goes on a Retreat

How are all the Devil-Chan Fans doing we are finally up to current with Waai Regular releases of the Secret Devil-Chan, this is all thanks to the fantastic translations brought to you by our joint partner Hachimitsu Scans  and our work on the back end and turning those translations into reality through our editing efforts. Since we are now current with Japan in terms of the main series in waai regular we will now turn our attentions to Motto! Devil-chan as all you know is the Mahalo spin off of the Secret-Devil Chan series which consist of more side stories apart from the main series. Since chapter 1 has been released all that is left to release is chapter 2, which the script is done courtesy of Hachimitsu scans and ready for editing, chapter 3 will be released in Mahalo Vol. 3 on or after the 25th of December. Alright enough talking please enjoy chapter, by the way how are we doing, did we put a smile on your face.
Chapter 11
Updates on other projects:
  1. Tokage No Ou chapter 8- Will be released Monday the 17th
  2. Bokura No Kiseki Chapter 15.5(4Pages) this weekend, with Vol.4 Download pack
  3. Bokura No Kisenki Chapter 16- Fanceli sent us script, its in tlc/proofing right now
  4. Nyatto 9 is in editing
  5. Yankano is in editing- Will be released this weekend as well
  6. Motto Devil chan chapter 2- In editing, will be released after Tokage release


  1. I am most certainly smiling. Thanks for picking up this series!

  2. THANK YOU for the updates! I'm so excited, especially Bokura No Kiseki! Thanks Fanceli, NJMANGA, and Gott!!!

    1. We were surprised at 6 this morning when we got an email from fanceli with script for chapter 16, basically she is in better spirits and told us to tell all the fans ty for all the great comments, those comments cheered her up alot and made a difference> I made it a point to email all positive comments to fanceli and she read everyone single one and appreciated them and was thankful for them. It motivated and and cheered her up to the point we got chapter 16, in which we thank all the fans without those comments from fans like you we dont know what would of happen, but because of all those comments its cheered her up.

  3. uwaaa the updatess reallyy thank youu Fanceli, NJMANGA, and Gott!

  4. thank you very much for the work. I love The Secret Devil-chan. I look forward to chapter 12. thank you again.

  5. thanks for the release!
    and wow I'm really glad that Fanceli's back <3 thankyou so much once again NJMANGA, Fanceli, Gott! your hardwork's much appreciated <3

  6. I am very happy you continue the series. Thank you.


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