Sensei Anone Chapter 7 - I'm a bad boy

We at Deus Ex Scans and Hachimitsu Scans is proud to present Sensei Anone chapter 7 titled appropriately "I'm a bad boy," and as well this is the end of volume 1, we completed the volume 1 tank, from this point forward we will be working from magazine scans.
Chapter 7- I'm a bad boy

Volume 1- Complete Ch. 1 to 7


  1. So there is more? Thanks for release by the way)

    1. yeah Im editing chapter 8 and chapter 9 will arrive this week with the new oto nyan 10

  2. Thanks for the new release! I have to admit, I was not expecting that sort of ending this time around.

  3. Thank you very much for all your work to complete the 1st vol., I'm looking forward to read!!


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