While you wait here is something to look at

Volume 6 Updated Character Chart
While I finish editing the chapter here is the updated character chart for volume 6 for all the fans who are waiting for the chapter. So here is something to look at while I finish edits.

Glen Covered in blood
Also some JPG people will like to look at
Church bad ass


  1. You know I think Zeze is Glen quagmi.. err I mean Schreiber, And where the heck is Prince Eugene, I'm dying to know his reaction when he meet with Minami/veronica XD, meaby he is Kamioka (not really X3), and I being suspicius of Carlo ¬__¬ I don't like that guy =I

    1. Honestly, it would be quite interesting if Kamioka actually turns out to be Prince Eugene, is it not?

      This is really a great series. I was exposed to it only last week, and now I am totally hooked. To think that I only read yuri these days... It's something.

      Totally appreciate the work of you guys and girl.

    2. Thank you for being patient DT512 and angel chapter 19 Im editing right now should be done by morning, but ty for being patient for the release, its in progress been editing all day this series plus two other, but Ill be done by morning hopefully I dont pass out after doing 70 plus pages but its 70 percent done now

  2. NJ thank you for the chart update. It makes me more and more curious, instead. Hahaha.

    -squeals about nothing-
    Phew. Can't wait for c.19! Thanks for giving us something to look at while we're waiting^^
    Thanks for all the hard work, as always :3.

    1. His... left? Holy mother mercy! I haven't noticed that before! After looking through all the chapters again, it sort of implies, then, that --- was Glen?

      Then again, does this sort of thing carry over beyond reincarnation? I mean, gender obviously does not.

      Seeing NJMANGA's post about an all-nighter makes me wonder why some people are so impatient. What sort of things are in their mind when they sent out those threats? Completely incomprehensible.

  4. I hope c19 is about carlo/ootomo being an ally ...... :3

  5. Thanks for the support all... we know not all of you are impatient to the point of being hostile, but it is nice to see support... THANKS AGAIN!


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