(Potential) Unavailability

Hey all, GottErstechen007 (the translator )here, saying that starting next week, on Memorial Day (May 28th), I will be on vacation... though I say that, I might try to work in a bit of translation while I am away... I'm not even sure if there is INTERNET where I am going! Such is why I thought I'd let you guys know... I MAY BE UNAVAILABLE!

Not to worry though... I should be back in early June... HOLD OUT UNTIL THEN, PLEASE!


  1. From NJMANGA: To fans don't worry even if Gott is unavailable I will still be working hard to get the release at least cleaned and redrawn as to let gott do what he got to do, so I won't be sitting on my hands so when he does return the raws will be cleaned and will be ready for his TL when he does return.


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