Tokage no Ou. Manga Chapter 14 - The Loooooong Prologue (14)- Yes end of Prologue

Hi everyone here is a new installment of our favorite series, Tokage No Ou Chapter 14, titled of course "The Loooooong Prologue Chapter 14, and yes this is the end of prologue, we now after this chapter we begin a brand new story arc, now the story truly begins and all the players are set on the chess board. As always this story is brought to you by Deus Ex Scans and Vexed Scans. Please enjoy the newest chapter.
Chapter 14

Chapter 1 to 14 Combo Pack


  1. I've seen people talk a crap ton about this manga. Mostly in regards to their disapproval of the pacing. I for one love it but does this kind of talk discourage you guys from continuing series? I really don't want to see this one go but everyone I know kinda mocks me for liking it.

    Anyway Thanks again for the release guys!

  2. é o melhor com certeza

    muito obrigado !!!!!

  3. What happened to the post about the ghosts?

  4. Please continue to update especially since the prologue is over. Thank you for all of your hard work

    1. We will still do the series, what makes you think we are dropping it, we love the series especially the epic prologue it sets up the story to be really kick ass , we love this series and ty for liking it


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