Valkyrie Romanze Chapter 3 by NO.Gomesu

As everyone heard in my previous post, its been announced that this series is getting an anime (full series similar to princess lover, and we all know if its being done by the same studio it will be similar to princess lover in terms of fan service awareness lol. I am looking forward to the anime and with that I present to you a brand new chapter of Valkyrie Romanze, A.K.A Walkure Romanze, Please Enjoy.
Chapter 3

Chapters 1 to 3 (Combo Pack)

Check out the new anime website<----- this is the site for the new anime coming soon


  1. May I ask?
    Is there another version of this manga....?
    I think I've read this manga somewhere else but the story is a bit different...

    1. yes there is another version of the manga, that is release by I think comic clear another group is doing the different route, this version is the comic valkyrie online version, currently there is two routes being done in manga form


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