New Series- AMAHARA-KUN PLUS- Chapter 1

         This is a very happy day other than being Thanksgiving here in the United States, today is special because we finally get to release a series which I have been hoarding raw's since the very first issue of Oto Nyan, This is a new ongoing series which me and gott are proud to release for the holidays since the magazine only releases one chapter every 3 months, I have so far I think 6 or 7 chapters total so far-its ongoing. Each chapter a target is identified and named accordingly as you will see, so please enjoy.- NJMANGA

       HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Or for those who don't celebrate, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! In the spirit of "GOBBLE, GOBBLE" we bring you a trap series by the name of "Amahara-kun plus" ...
We do hope you enjoy as Deus Ex Scans presents Amahara-kun Plus "First Target - Tsukino" ! -GottErstechen007
Chapter 1(First Target-Tsukino)


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! and amazing chapter!

    1. wait till you see chapter 2,brand new capture occurs working on it now along with other edits

  2. Thank you I'm loving this series, keep up the good work and thanks again.


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