Senran Kagura - Guren no Hebi Ch.7- End of Volume 1

We are finally at the end of Volume one of Senran Kagura-Guren No Hebi, this is the infamous chapter 7, in which I can honestly say I did not expect to see what I saw especially in a Senran Kagura Series, I think its a series first ever. Since, we are at the end of Volume one, naturally we will have to wait for volume 2 of snake girls to be printed and released, so Until than we will keep you entertained with our monthly series such as Tokage no Ou, and Senran Kagura Main, but as well with our upcoming releases of Nyatto! chapters which are borderline hentai based on what I saw which are in progress and should be soon, All volumes are scanned, and being worked on. As well once Fanceli returns we will return to our release of Bokura No kiseki, I still have faith she will reappear and say I was on vacation sorry for not telling you (Best Case Scenario). So we have alot in the pipeline to keep you entertained until next volume tank of snake girls.
Chapter 7



  1. You do realise that the most probably reason for the continous blocking on Mediafire is because you have "Deus Ex" in the file title?

    1. Thats not the issue, the issue is the blog has been flagged because I use the same media fire acct for my other sites and it has no issue, the blog address or IP was flagged By a certain person who hates our group they notified media fire literally months ago because before that my media was working without issues. The links work when you copy and paste to address bar they just don't work when direct clicking from site, because of flag. But In all honesty I am tired of people bitching about media fire, From now on There will be no more media fire, I am tired of people crying, just right click link or click alternative and wait 60 seconds, I honestly dont have the time to answer this question weekly, if link dont work follow instructions or click alternative and wait 60 seconds.


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