Chuu x2 Trap Chapter 2- Was it quick or was it not

Here is chapter 2 of our infamous joint with Hachimitsu Scans, everyone please enjoy this short chapter 2, since volume 3 of Waai Mahalo has yet to come out, we will let you know when the next chapter comes out. Please enjoy chapter 2.
Chapter 2
UPDATE: I am working on chapter 7 of Nyatto! at this moment should be released later tonight, so enjoy this and Nyatto! later when I release it.


  1. Very quick, thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

    1. I am glad your happy look forward to nyatto! later if you like that series as well working on that now

    2. xD yup, that's fantastic, thanks again!!

  2. o[]O hwa,... the chapter2 already finished!!
    *even im the one who say the chapter1 is so short :p
    -_-; but this chapter is so short too.,..
    but thank u for the hard work ^^


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